If I had known ... - A mother's confession

If I knew what sleep deprivation was like before I had a child ... would I have done it anyway?

If I had known…

If I had known that I would only carry body fluids from my child for years ... If I had known how sensitive it was for more than a decade to listen to "Mom, Mom, Mom ..." If I had known that I would making sure that I get a few extra minutes alone ... If I knew that these minutes alone would be interrupted by a small little knock on the door ... If I knew I would have to repeat the same sentence many times And again… If I knew that half of the advice I get for hysterics, whining, repression, disobedience, disrespect, and laziness would be completely useless… If I knew that being in love with my child would not mean that I would Yeah ... If I knew the shower would be the only place I would cry sometimes because I can't find another place for this ... If you can I would have never been able to focus 100% on anything else this time ... If I had known that with the way children grow, it will not be easier, but just difficult… If I knew I was going to be scared almost every day of not doing something good for my mother… If I knew how sensible I really was to be a parent…… I would still do the same with my kids.Because if they weren't, then ... I don't know how fantastic it is for a human being to grow in my body. I don't know how magical a baby is falling asleep in my arms, and I never, but I never want to put it down. studying or reading a whole book first. I don't know that laughing and hugging my child can alleviate the pain of the hardest of days. I don't know how fantastic the sensation of seeing the person I brought to the world evolve day by day. that I taught him. I do not know how pure, unbridled joy my child's success can bring me to. I do not know how steady I am to fight to be a better parent. I don't know that parenting can help heal my own childhood wounds. I don't know that by losing my old self in motherhood, I find myself much stronger, deeper. I did not know how sentient, warm, mighty love that only mothers could feel. I don't know how raw, toasting, a mother can love with elemental power. And I do not know that all the pain and pitfalls that come with motherhood are offset by the joy, the beauty and the wonder of motherhood. :-) The source of the article is here.