You whine!

You whine!

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If you have ever felt that your kid's whining is worse than working with a draper in the house, you may be right. Many studies prove it!

New research has shown that whining is much more distracting than any other noise that is generally considered to be distracting when solving mathematics problems, whether parenting or not. This finally explains why we want to be educated when our bodies quarrel with the larger Torudri in the morning.

Worse is the line

"If we hear whining from the backdrop, we can actually do less work and be less efficient," said a co-author of a study in the Journal of Social, Evolutionary and Cultural Psychology, Rosemarie Sokol Chang, psychologist at the New York State University. "Whether it's male or female, old or childless, it distracts you equally." During the experiment, the participants performed extractions, which included infertility, regular speech, whining, dandruff, and were generally annoyed, overwhelmed. The results showed that whistling was the most distracting of all the participants among all the noise.

Blood pressure goes up

She is raising a child of six and three years of age Eileen Wolter for me this is not surprising at all. The most interesting thing is that this is the first instinctive act of the children. Whatever happens, you have to rely on this tool. Mother Eileen is experiencing an almost bodily reaction to this voice, even if it is all over you which fairy-tale book you choose. Maternal stress levels do not make a difference between problems. You can't decide if there was a real emergency or if it was just something insignificant. The mother hears her child is upset and needs to act.
At this level, Chang believes that this is probably the evolution of whining and whining. Most people say they don't have to deal with it and the kids finally stop. One thing is for sure, nobody wants to greet a siren of a firefighter, but when the siren comes out, everyone will pay attention. Probably that is the role of whining and howling.Baby Room: For parents, child rearing - and the cry of their own children - has a similar effect. According to research, the frequency of the moaning is in the most annoying range, which is not unexpected, because if there was a pleasant noise, we would not want to comfort the baby and satisfy his needs. An experienced parent knows that with a sad, anxious, or whining child, it is a long time to be in a state of flux, so that we have to deal with another task in the middle, endlessly exhausting, and sometimes desperate business. By the end of the day, children and grown-ups were both exhausted. That is why you should consider working at home with your child if you do not have the help to take care of your small needs, take it to work, and spend it. If a mother has to work hard, in most cases, it is better to have a couple's ward, babysitter, or family day care instead of spending time with the little one and the mother.