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Breast for the kid!

We tend to forget that fat is important and even essential for healthy development.

The human body needs fats, fatty acids, and it does not change in the later stages of life. But two things don't matter. The amount and quality of fat we lose.

Why are genres important?

They provide energy along with hydrocarbons. They help in the absorption and storage of fat-soluble vitamins. Bile acids, as well as some hormones, also play a role in the process. A normal amount of fat stores protects the internal organs from mechanical effects (for example, from health effects, friction) and participates in the regulation of heat.

What does milk know?

Breast milk contains essential fatty acids in a proportion to a healthy, mixed maternal diet. You should know that mother's nutrition influences the incidence of fats in breast milk. When breastfeeding, it is worthwhile to pay particular attention to the fact that the diet should contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and fish oil. Also, infant formulas and baby drinks are recommended as recommended, taking into account the composition of breast milk. If you are not breastfeeding, the milk-based baby drink is one year old, as its fat content is better than that of cow's milk.

Mother's cook

Specialists do not recommend the use of butter and lard, as these are responsible for the high proportion of saturated fat in the cardiovascular disease. The trans fatty acids from starching of vegetable oils, which are nowadays mainly used in the manufacture of chips, crackers, semi-finished foods, sweets, sugars, may be more problematic. If possible, leave them out of the diet and use more vegetable oils for cooking.

Adrienn Windisch dietitian and her baby, Aida.
You can thank Adrienne for our diet program
the Hungarian diet.

Photo: Haralambidou Anthoula

A Weak Council by Adrienne Windisch Dietitian

- Don't get your child accustomed to food and junk food.
- For salads, use linseed oil, olive oil or even diol. It is cold pressed or extra virgin!
- Use sunflower oil, rapeseed oil for roasting!
- Let's try more oil and cook with us!
- Breastfeed as long as you can. If you are not breastfeeding, supplement with baby formula, milk-based baby drink that contains the right amount of essential fatty acids! - If you do not like fish, you are especially advised to use linseed oil. Fatty acids, which are also common in fish oil, can be formed in our body!
- Chips, crackers, fried in oil, ready made or prepared foods, sweets, sugars for 1-3 year olds are not good!
- The oil should not be heated too hot, but it is better to choose a more convenient kitchen technology.
- Oilseeds also contain valuable fatty acids! Just crushed and milled, we can reward the small ones.
- For breading, use margarine or butter. It is best to change these too!
- Choose the right oil for your wallet and food! If the more expensive ones are consumed in kits, the goods will be eaten!
- Fuck, suck, or fry?
- Oil is a better choice for diabetes