Let's play huh!

Take the opportunity and play a great game in hoo! First with the light and the water!

Rumble in the huh

If you do not have a lot of time or if it is cold, it is enough to suck up some fresh air, but at the same time it should not be a little "dewatered". The energy is released on the eve of celebration, pre-celebration, or when it begins to sparkle in the room. They missed out on the freshly fallen clean hun opportunities. Roll around in it, roll down a smaller hillside. Race around and see what traces you leave on the field. The bullet can't ring the bullet, but he tosses the ones you make at him, or you just suck the snow.

Calm down

Did the little guy stop you for something? Want to reassure me a little? Are you sure you don't want to go in a stroller, you are thrown away too much, but do you intend to? Wrap it up and play it a little, release a game now, just accelerate a little bit at tempo. Collect star stains, light lanterns or colored lanterns in the garden or on the terrace. The flashing light in the dark attracts his eyes, so that one spot soothes and blurs. Don't leave it alone for a second!

A creative hobby

You can even snow on the patio: take out the sandboxes, and you wouldn't think of any great shapes to make on the hub. Stacking up the heaps of heaps that have been rolled out of the bucket, how tall can you build? Make a pattern of berries from berries, leaves. Cook a tiny hubby or teddy bear - this is about to be done, a little huh enough, a little kid can work in it too.

Winter book offer

After spending a long nap, it is better to sip on a mug of warm fruit and look at a book under the soft blanket. You choose winter topics, and you can find ideas for what you can do outdoors.
Zden–ľk Miller: The Little Mole and the Moul, Issue, 1130 Ft
Berner, Rotraut: Winter Bee, Naphegy Edition, 2120 Ft