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This is how to prevent illnesses caused by the atmosphere

This is how to prevent illnesses caused by the atmosphere

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When used properly, air conditioning is a very useful tool that can make your life easier, but if you do not adhere to a few golden rules, it can end up with a light burn or even serious illness.

Advanced air conditioners with complex filtration systems are capable of removing allergens, viruses, bacteria from the space, but only with proper and regular maintenance.
  • what are the rules for safe and healthy climate use;
  • what risks do we expose ourselves to if we do not comply with them;
  • the dangers of legionella, a disease of the disease;
  • do we need to ventilate at all when using the air conditioning.
  • The air conditioners have called attention to the need for proper maintenance by the State Medical Service and the Medical Service (BNTSZ). Most recently, the cannula has begun, and it is recommended to clean it before using it, because the actuation looking at your health can present dangers.The basic function of built-in filtration systems is to make the health of our homes healthier, and the best types are able to remove not only allergens from the space but also the skin. We need to clean these filters naturally, we need to replace them, but we also need to regularly check the indoor and outdoor units, "he said. and safe operation and longevity "- advises Great Sándor József, is the sales manager for LG's home air conditioning business.

    It is important to keep the equipment clean

    If this cleaning is not done, dust will be retained in the indoor unit, which may be returned to the filter by a saturated filter, increasing the risk of allergic symptoms. In addition to dust, bacteria and fungi can also be trapped in worn filters - their escape can be a serious risk of infection. can also cause asthma.The air conditioners are often sold at legionellaor otherwise known as the spreading of the disease. The most advanced klнmaberendezйsek ъgy kьszцbцlik the fertхzйsveszйlyt that beltйri egysйg vбlt the lekapcsolбs utбn hыtйs nйlkьli цnszбrнtу funkciуra, нgy not stay in the beltйri kйszьlйkben pangу kondenzvнz.A szakйrtх ъgy lбtja, Magyarorszбgon the szakszerыtlenьl mounted ritkбn hasznбlt bad kondenzvнz-elvezetйsы regularly Uncontaminated and serviced air conditioners may theoretically develop dangerous bacterial colonies, but the origin of the known illnesses should be sought from a foreign source. It is possible that one of our fellow citizens is actually suffering from untreated air condition over a period of five years, but it is only recognized and treated at home that the air conditioner is not fresh the air is cooled (or just warmed up) and circulated "- call the expert. That's why a regular ventilation of the air-conditioned roomwhich is worth doing in cooler, night or early morning hours, but if you feel like the air is exhausted during the day, don't wait for the window to open. do not shrink the space. We lower the climate up to 8 degrees lower than the outside temperature, which is what the average human body can safely bear without any problems. This means that at 35 degrees Celsius, it should not be colder at 26-27 degrees Celsius, but on colder days, you should not go below 23 degrees Celsius. Collect cow a directly, do not live there, work, sleep where the climate is the head of the cold air, as we can easily get cold in the air in the air-conditioned space is too dry, and it can cause skin dryness and inflammation. Noise is no good for our health, so consider spending your money on a mobile-powered mobile phone. " mobilklнmabut to a place where we want to sleep is by no means "- says József Nagy Sándor Nagy. split climate indoor unit, as here the noise-sensitive compressor lives under one roof, thus reducing the quality of life. It's not energy efficient either, because compared to a split climate, with the same power, it consumes the least amount of electricity. If that's not enough control, just think of the 15 cm diameter extension that you have to cut on a window or wall to get the warm air produced in the middle of the mobile climate into the open.They may also be interested in:
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