Be careful not to get out!

The first thing that comes to mind in a baby's diarrhea is to keep the baby out. But when to go to a hospital? The pediatrician answers.

How seriously should I take my little boy's vomit or belly? There is no cause for concern once you lie down. Unfortunately, vomiting is more often than not. Do not give her a drink for a while, after the light Whisk for a minute with a teaspoon of liquid. Repeated vomiting may be indicative of gastric ulcer, viral or bacterial infection. Frequent vomiting, watery diarrhea causes a great deal of fluid loss and can quickly lead to flushing.

Fluids are important

If oral fluids are inadequate and still vomiting, if unstoppable, stinging vomiting, if no fluid is left in it, your breath smells of acetone, your tongue is dry, go to the doctor with the child. If the fluid loss is still significant, medical treatment may be needed - warns dr. Polish Boglárka pediatrician.