Published in the Hungarian Bulletin, the House Cover Law is also in effect

Submitted on Monday, the House of Lords adopted on Tuesday the law to abolish state support for housing savings plans.

Published in the Hungarian Bulletin, the House Cover Law is also in effectVillámm quickly passed through the parliament the motion that he made filed on Monday for the elimination of state support for housing savings plans. I voted on Tuesday, Бder Jбnos signed and stated that published on Wednesday in the Hungarian Gazette the law has already come to fruition. Mбtуl not be бllamilag tбmogatott szerzхdйst kцtni.A dцntйs not йrvйnyes visszafelй, that is not the йrinti you have already megkцtцtt szerzхdйseket, they will not jбr the бllami tбmogatбs who tцrvйny hatбlyba lйpйse utбn kцtnek szerzхdйst or who is utбn kнvбnjбk meghosszabbнtani the Fidesz szerzхdйsьket.A Erik BÁNKI's modified proposal made the argument that the state has been supporting home savings for more than twenty years, but this form of saving does not, in his view, serve the purpose of creating a home. In his opinion, this construct is not effective anymore. Yesterday, there was a big boom in the banks: many people wanted a publicly funded housing loan contract at the last minute. Meanwhile, the outlet, "over the decades, a very successful industry has grown up in two days," a specialist told the newspaper. Home Economy Experts (ltp) say Fidesz's Laws Are Wrong: "Looking for Extra Profit? Ltp owners take one-third of their profits, cйgek. " The Index article also points out that the positive effect of ltp was regularity, making it one of the most important tools for public health care and financial awareness. Over 22 million contracts were signed in 22 years, a sixth of the population.
Not only was the state spending, but it also had revenue: with support of 60-70 billion forints, it was about a year. It assisted housing for 20,000 people, it could be combined with interest-subsidized loans, and CSOK supplemented its claims.
The building industry also played an important role in the whitewashing, as home support had to be substantiated with figures, and the resulting additional tax revenues offset the costs.
Now the state is diverting its support to the CSOK and the NOK.
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