Free vaccination against varicella at the Heathfield site Free vaccine up to 6 years

The municipal government of Heathfields - first in the country - made vaccination against chickenpox free for locally live children under the age of 6.

János Kozma Pediatrician Prescribes Pediatric Vaccine Protection at a Funeral Hospital

The vaccination costs money in the first place (more than 8000 HUF per dose), it is not one of the compulsory vaccinations. In contrast, in the EU-8 it is part of the vaccine system.
The vaccine contains varicella-zoster virus, which is actually a varicella pox. It can be given from 9 months of age, up to 12 years of age, in 2 doses; For 13-year-olds, there are 2 doses in 2 doses, omitting 6-10 weeks between doses.
Usually the doctor gives you the upper arm. Pregnant women should not inject. In the case of a planned pregnancy, if the expectant mother has not yet fallen into the varicella, it is worth giving the vaccine, as varicella that is caught within 9 months is very dangerous to the fetus.
As with any vaccine, full protection is not guaranteed. Certainly, the course of the disease in a vaccinated person is much milder.

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By October, the number of cases of varicella had increased by 35 percent compared to 2014. In 2-6% of cases cases of varicella are caused by varicella; at home, 300-400 patients are hospitalized every year for cancer.