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Here's the summer, the canine: It's a great time to make ice cream at home. Delicious, easy to make, even with kids.

Homemade fruit ice creams

In the summer, especially for children, there is an uber slugger for ice cream, but many expectant mothers also want it to crave ice. Now, we don't have to enter with less than nature, the point is that season appropriate or made from seasonally bought and frozen fruits and possibly exotics.HZZI FRUIT-FROZENHozzбvalуkYoghurt currant ice cream: 2 deci natural yogurt, two tablespoons of honey, two grades of fresh or frozen currant shreddedBlackberry ice cream: 10 decahs, two tablespoons of honey, a handful of fresh or frozen blackberries shreddedLime-mangoes sorbet: one mango flesh, one to two tablespoons of honey, one lime juice, 1/2 deci water, two mint leaves (optional) blended (add yoghurt to light yeast)Kiwisorbet with parsley: two kiwi meat, two teaspoons of water, 1/2 deci water, a teaspoon of fresh or frozen parsley shreddedThe ice cream is preferably smaller, to freeze in quantities of two to twoso that they can be easily serviced in the freezer compartments, either in the pan or on the side of the freezer. It is best to put them on the ice for two or two hours before eating, because they will still freeze, but the water inside them will not crystallize enough to freeze the ice cream. If, in a large bowl, we could only skip a portion, stirring it lightly during the chilling process, it would be lighter, lightly dosed, and consumed. their textures will be harder and, on the whole, less homogeneous, but they are still unbeatable. In this case, if I take it out of the freezer, I leave it to pause for a few minutes to prevent our teeth from getting into it.
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