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16th Autumn BabyMarkt Baby Holder and Kid's Expo (X)

16th Autumn BabyMarkt Baby Holder and Kid's Expo (X)

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Here you will find everything you need for baby kittens and parenting!

We warmly invite you to buy the largest domestic baby mama's supply of new and used products and baby products!
Date: Saturday, October 13, 2012
Opening hours: 8 hours to 16 hours
Helyszнn: Hungexpo Hall B, 1101 Budapest X., Albertirsai 10.t 10. I. Gate and Phone: 06-30-235-9700
Ticket price: 1200.- Free entrance for children!
Ticket purchase on site: Gate I, Furrum Building from 7.30pm, available at TicketExpress and Ticketpro Tickets.
Preserving our traditions, we present the products, services and offers of baby-mama and toddler-themed companies all in one place! Over the years, this dynamically evolving series of events has become a real oasis for pregnant women and young parents, and they are expecting new baby boomers with an extremely wide range of products.
We are looking forward to welcoming every little baby who would love to buy baby things to our event. Here's a chance to spend a great, full-time family day with a great, high-quality program where you can find a new host for your grown-up, bored baby boy, and have a very wide and surprisingly cheap spring! If you want to sell, please call us on 06-26-572-085 and 06-30-708-6016. In addition to baby showers, we are expecting pregnant women and families with interesting programs and interesting activities to buy unique, spring-summer baby toys. Our new products at the market: strollers, shoes, spring boots, books, babies, bodysuits, stockings, socks ... and almost everything you need for baby shopping, parenting.


From 9th to 15th: baby clothes and all-day activities, animal petting and the gaming empire are waiting for the kids to visit!
9.00 Cili's Music Box, Singing and Saying Occupation for the Under-3s Good for Baby and Mom! Children and parents play a prominent role in the occupations.
10.00 Zsuzsi and Orsi musical spring program
13.00 Kszrszsz, Eszter: The Dalolka
A fabulous story comes to life with the help of songs, babies, music, musical instruments and, of course, children. Musical games with ukulele cheer for fun, school and toddler kids
Our experts are available to visitors during the following topics:
- Ministry of Human Resources: Favorable Changes in the Family Benefit Scheme in 2012, Job Opportunities for Childbirth, Family Benefit, Housing, and Tax Administration
- Madarszsz Kуrhбz, dr. Imre Szбntу: The protection of life in infancy
- the Heim Pбl Children's Hospital Mother's Collectibles
- Gуlyahнr Association - Reception