It's free vaccination against cerebral inflammation

It's free vaccination against cerebral inflammation

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On January 1st, vaccination against meningococcal C, the cause of meningitis, became free for children under the age of two.

It's free vaccination against cerebral inflammation

In the past month, more tragedy has reinforced the importance of law enforcement. The state announced its full public funding for the vaccine last October Уnodi-Szыcs Zoltбn the Secretary of State for Health, and the National Association of Pediatricians at Home called the introduction of free vaccination in the prevention of life-threatening illness as a honor.In Hungary the "B" and "C" strains of the bacterium cause the disease, 40-50 cases per year are reported, but the disease is extremely rapid, severe, and often fatal. State-supported vaccination is required to prevent infections, both types. The cases of illness menigococcus B in three quarters, menigococcus C in 17% Vaccination can also be applied for the B bacterial strain, as of summer 2014 it has been available in Hungary. However, this does not enjoy any state support, so the vaccine can reach 120 thousand HUF. Because of its high cost, only a very small number of people need it. The infection is predominantly of two age groups: two-thirds of patients are infants or toddlers, and a significant number of patients are adolescents aged 16-20. The former group protects the Free vaccine against Strain C vaccine, which previously enjoyed government support - before January 1, it was possible to add a total of 14,000 forints to provide two vaccines that were safe. Clinically, meningococcal disease can be manifested in two forms, one of which is cerebral inflammation and the other is hemorrhage (sepsis). It can develop underneath cavernous cavities and can quickly lead to death. Patients are promptly given antibiotics and are examined and treated in the hospital. The patient's immediate environment is covered by antibiotic protection, which is provided by the district or district department of the county or county office responsible for the patient.

Symptoms of cerebral inflammation

- Fuck
- underwear
- Transition
- alternating burst sound ("burst sound")
- homogeneous posture
- painful movement when moving
- an uneasy flush
- protruding well
- behavior change
- muscle spasmsChildren and adults over one year of age:
- neck or back pain
- strong headache
- dull, clumsy, restless
- irritability
- confusion (not responding to the situation or not responding at all)
- Fuck
- Transition
- consciousness
- muscle spasms
- lightning - hobninger - hobnob
- his attitude seems uncertain, sigh
- cervical stiffness
- laid down in a typical case on a typical pole, ъn. in hunting dog posture (lying on its side, with its legs folded many times, head-backs, and resistant to bending forward)
- In severe cases, the body will have outbreaks, the number of which will increase rapidly. These payments are really small charges that indicate a very serious condition.