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Is the kid pounding at the desk all day, at the desk? Don't have time to travel? Now you can tour the world while living in the living room, in the midst of a fairy tale, or sneaking into your reading room.

Autumn book release

Pipp and Polli by the sea, Milu by the knights, Panni going to the farm, Misi from Alma Street first to Lake Balaton, then running to school, The Little Little Duke, Triky and Nyam Krt. and all the continents. And once the tales are out, there's a loser in the class that can put other kids in the mind and head, re-open the sweet conflicts, and cheer on who the perpetrator is. And in Panther, you can have five kids excite them to get out of the mountain and overcome the evil, greedy antics ...For the youngest
For 0-3 year oldsErika Bartos: Bogyou and Babóca were turning around After Bogyu and Babуca, Pihe, Baltazár, Gömbi and Vendel have arrived in the form of the smallest fans. You will learn about Gömbi's favorite flowers, the tools of the White Belt, Vendel's favorite sport, and Pihe's fruits. The Little Folders are a Whole Universe, Except for Runic Improvement!Axel Scheffler: Pipp and Polli - The New Friend
The new edition of Axel Scheffler's popular series encapsulates the subject of whiteness and simply guides the little ones to the solution. Now Pipp and Polli go to the beach, where Pipp starts playing on the beach. Will you save your friends? Pipp and Polli fix it! Released: September 2016Tibor Karprti: Kiss, bunny!Tibor Karprti's fantasy is incalculable when it comes to funny thanksgiving and animals. This booklet contains about fifty thanks for the author's graphic genius drawings. Chocolate, maki! Hi there! Kiss, bunny!Released September 2016Уvodбsoknak
For 3-6 year oldsDanny Andrbs: Fluff in the huhYou might think it's really boring for abandoned meadows, the muffins sadly pounding their tea in their muffin tubs ...
No! Titus and Pofбnka adventure hungry to get jewels in a secluded nook.
But it is not easy to get home in the snowy winter. There's something else hidden beneath each heap! Not to mention how strange a visit Spring arrives to the kufflikup. The furry little animal is accepted into the heart of Pofnaka's mouth and baptized into Brum - but Brumi doesn't always stay as sweet as the first day ...
A heap of muffins
The muffins and the heavy rain
I think everyone should be a muffin!
Good night, muffins! Published: September 2016Erika Bartos: Bogyu and Babуca roller skatesThis two fairy tale is just rolling! In the first story, Egon cooked a roller, in the second, Babucca cooked plum dumplings. Baltaszar and Vendel start competing: Who can eat more buttons?
Competition and debate are part of children's daily lives: Bogyu and Babuça helped learn how to stand up, apologize, and forgive.Released: September 2016Susanne Weber: Thank you and father
illustrated by Susanne GöhlichIf you always have a little little story in the evening, or the most important thing in the evenings so that you can talk about the story of the day, then this book is perfect. An ovis baby boy, Talkey, and his dad, go through every weekday adventure and easily solve the issues of what to eat, go to the ovaries and who's right.Appearance: October 2016 Ferenc Rufus - Dura Gimesi: The funniest child's dayThe Oscar-winning tale of Ferenc Rufus, after the cartoon, was finally published in book form! The ovis and the hoppies can prepare for birthday, kids' day or Christmas! It is up to the Hoppers to arrange for all important events to unfold on the world's different landscapes!Andrбs Pungor: Zozi always comes home
respectively. Horváth Molnбr PannaDo you know the sensation when you lose your child's favorite stuff, rags, pacifiers home? Zozi Tom's tights sock. Dad says it's just a good sock - and Zozi is always clean and fragrant. It has red, blue, yellow hanks, so Zozi is exactly like the heart. Rugen had a couple, but it was lost. Now it's Tomi's partner. He sleeps with him, goes to school with him, goes to Sophi, the neighbor's little girl.Kisiskolбsoknak
6-10 years oldCsilla Gévai: We are going out - I'm reading now! Level 2
respectively. Baranyai b. AndrбsIn the Now I Read series, after Judit Berg and Petra Finy, Csilla Gévai now continues the stories of Panni and Doma, who have already become known and loved by Amng on our journey, on a different level of humor.
In the second volume, Panniy goes on a class trip to find out what a real farm is. They ride, cook in the cauldron, garden, and even get into a night-time wardrobe… Published: October 2016Petra Finy: Milu among the knights- I'm reading now! Level 4
respectively. Pбsztohy PankaIn the volumes of Petra Finy, our protagonists continue to be Milu, Kamilla, and Btor and Buci, time travelers! They've been to Egypt, Greece, among the Indians - in the fourth volume, they knock them out into the courtyard of King Arthur's knights. Their task is no less than the release of King Ginevra from the prison of Merficio.Published: October 2016Adrienn Vadadi: Get to school!
respectively. Ilka MйszelyAll summer Nani spent summer at Lake Balaton. Luckily, my friends, Kamilla and the Maros were all visiting, so he was not bored while he was expecting school. Because Misi got her first in September and now she's in school with all the kids in the house! Of course, except for Red, who was just ovis, he was very good. But how does Misi find her place at school? Will the old friends remain? Do you still travel in tandem and play together in the yard? Because it is true that Missi has a bit of a fantasy for her, but she's got her heart right, and her friends are the most important: the Alma Street band!Berg Judit: Two little din in Crete
illustrated by Csilla KхszeghyWho wouldn't remember Trikur (Greek called Tricor) and Nyamm? These are time-traveled toddlers from the cerebral palsy. In the fourth installment of the little dinou series, they live on the island of Crete. And if we also assume that Queen Ariadne's palace is merrily, you will know that this is not today's Greece ... . Luckily, Trikou has a brilliant idea that doesn't help you get lost in the maze. All you need is a yarn ball! An Adventurous, Funny and Educational Time Travel to the Early Greece by Judith Berg, Author of Rumini - Beginner Readers.Released: October 2016Milos Macourek: Matyi and Sibri on the World
respectively. Adolf Born, ford. Peter the cartMatyi and Sari are the third baby, Jonathan the dog, and the magical phone receiver: all for laughter and adventurous adventures! Whoever may not know, Matyi and Seri owns a telephone receiver of any kind. No wonder they were in the ice age, meeting Leonard, and even kidnapping. In this part, Miss Vilma, Professor Leopold Torockai in the Arctic, is rescued in Paris and baths in the Amazon and Jonathan makes an almost Hollywood star. It doesn't miss much (if it weren't for the cursed Serpents and Pacanda!) To "make a significant contribution to the advancement of humanity."
Matyi and Sibri at school
Matyi and Sbri vacation
Matyi and Sbri do everythingBooks for teenagers
For ages 9-14Erzsi Kertész: Panthera - The Hobby in the Dentist
respectively. Bernбth BarbaraThe whole started out as just a mountaineering specialist ... The mysterious Parducian mountain (the Panthera), a group of kids (Gekkou, Vince, Helga, Virg, Naomi, and of course Little Kismuk, who records the whole story for the last time) from the beginning a suspicious mountaineer (Steep Johnny), a well-groomed lady (Jolika) and a very strange structure that makes anyone and anything of any size…
An exciting and funny adventure story for teenagers.
After Rumini, Before Time Out, October 2016Bjorn Sortland: Kepler 62 - The Countdown
respectively. Pasi Patkinen, ford. Petrikovics EditAri and Joni, after completing the world's toughest numeric game, may have been part of a mysterious mission that seeks out a habitable planet in the Kepler62 solar system. But what are their mysterious bases and who will be their partners for the long haul? Marie, favored by the world's richest gunmaker, but also lonely, is on base. Х-he did not solve the order, but he paid for it. You can buy anything for money. The three kids want to know what they keep secret. Is the base the starting point for a great mission or a deliberate prison? Must be released… Published: September 2016Wйber Anikу: Class loserUnder the cover of the night, a strange picture appears on the class's facebook page: a clumsy figure in a minion costume, with a caption on the wall above: The loser of the class! The class heads rage, the students staring suspiciously at each other. You don't have to be a culprit, but it is worse than a victim. let's get to know kids' lives first and foremost as we get excited and anxious for the same couple of days, from getting up in the answers to the sun. Who Has Done and Why?