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Numerous developmental abnormalities could be prevented

Numerous developmental abnormalities could be prevented

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There are few scary things about having a child with a developmental disorder. There is a lot we can do to avoid this.

Numerous developmental abnormalities could be prevented

One in thirty children born in America has a developmental disorder. There is much they can do to make them to reduce currency - says Michael Katz, a renowned children's keggy professor who thinks we should be doing a healthy lifestyle.
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playback The most common is cardiovascular disorder, it accounts for a third to a quarter of developmental abnormalities. For every 100 or 200 births, one baby is included. The development of the heart is a complex and complex process and can occur in many places. The most common is atrial and ventricular fibrillation, in which case there is a "hole" in the abnormal heart.
"The heart has a little old. Two at the top, these are called atria, two at the bottom, these ventricles. The atria, or the ventricles, are separated by a muscular wall; and head of the Center for Prevention (CDC) Congenital and Developmental Disorders. In congenital malformations, the wall does not close. Blood that passes through it will bypass the lungs, it will not be oxygenated, and will not deliver enough oxygen. If the deficiency is large, it also inhibits organ development.
Another common developmental disorder affecting the nervous system is spina bifida (open spine) and anencephaly (only the brainstem develops, the brain does not, these babies are only capable of vegetative functions), of which it is to be counted from a thousand births.
THE nyъlajak йs cleft palate is also common, with a newborn from 700 to 1000 births.
THE environmental factors play an important role in the development of these developmental disorders. Cancer and diabetes are major risk factors for heart failure, and we should strive to keep them within healthy limits. 400 micrograms daily folic Acid reduces the risk of financial malfunctions.
Some of the developmental abnormalities occur in the first few weeks of pregnancy, even before the menstrual period begins and we suspect that we are pregnant. As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, consult your baby and inform your doctor that you are pregnant so that you can take the medicine accordingly.
Let's take care of ourselves more than many, some infectious diseases can cause harm to the fetus. If you are just planning to get pregnant, get yourself vaccinated against common infectious diseases. Of particular importance is the H1N1 avoiding infections, as many new mothers and fetuses have been reported to have died from this new influenza virus.
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