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Allergic diseases caused by animal hair

Allergic diseases caused by animal hair

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Based on clinical observations, skin rashes, provocation tests, the most allergenic substance can be identified today for a given patient. The oldest observations show the ability of animal hair to cause asthma.

Animal hair is water-insoluble creatine, but at the same time its extract always contains white. They are partly identical with blood whites, and some are secreted by the glands. The animal hair allergy some cause skin irritation and some cause allergies, but the most common is respiratory (inhaled) asthma.

Cats also enter the apartment

Which animal hairs can cause allergic diseases?


Upholstered furniture, hoods, old mattresses, especially can cause asthma.


Aside from home-grown rabbits, rabbits can also be made from Anglo-British items, rabbit fur and hats. It can cause asthma in particular.

Sheepskin (wool)

It is a common allergic factor. In particular, coarse wool, knitwear, rugs and carpets cause allergies.


Carpets are mainly used in felt, adhesives and glues. It is of particular importance in children with milk allergies, as both have similar antigens, and therefore, in children with milk allergies, it can provoke an allergic seizure.


The hair of your favorite pet is very allergic. Especially because, unlike the previous animals, cats also enter the house. Direct contact is not necessary as well as the hair adhering to the clothing is sufficient for the selection of skin or inhaled (asthma) disease.


The goose feather, which has a significant allergenic role, is still used in cages and ducks. 60% of asthmatics respond positively. Other feathers cause allergies only in small numbers.If your baby or toddler suffers from an allergic disease, it is imperative to think about the possible causes of the animal hair allergies described above. We call the attention of the pediatrician to our home pets.
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