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Every 10th baby is born prematurely

In premature birth, breast milk has a higher protein and fat content, and contains more antibodies, which helps to protect infants from infectious diseases.

In our country, 8,000 newborns were born each year, meaning a baby was born prematurely. In some cases, exclusive breastfeeding for six months can be life-saving, but proper nutrition for all children is key. In addition to infants breast-fed with infertility and other infectious diseases, the dietary habits of the first thousand days of conception may also increase in number in adulthood. Long-term prevention is also an important goal in modern day care for the elderly, and adequate nutrition is essential for this - call the First 1000 Days Program and the Hungarian Army Health Care Center.
Cognitive domains (such as thinking, linguistic ability, or memory) develop most intensely during the first 1000 days of life, but during this time, the state of the brain and the immune system . This developmentally critical period is less burdensome for a mature newborn, as it can spend 280 days inside. However, premature babies (that is, babies born prematurely at 37 weeks of age) still receive about 80 to 100 days less, so in these cases it is important to have more than just nutrition.
"The children under 5 йv kцrйben vilбgszinten the koraszьlцttsйggel jбrу szцvхdmйnyek szбmнtanak the vezetх halбloknak. The tъlйlйsi esйlyeik javнtбsбban, compared to koraszьlцtt betegsйgekkel the mother's milk is one of the most important prevenciуs fegyverьnk. Breast milk every mбs tбplбlйknбl better utilized in csecsemх szervezetйben, йs kйpes adapt to igйnyeihez . Koraszьlйs esetйn pйldбul higher fehйrje- йs also includes the zsнrtartalma, йs tцbb antibody, which segнt megvйdeni the fertхzх betegsйgektхl modern koraszьlцtt-ellбtу kцzpontokban. - нgy the Honvйdkуrhбzban - alongside the csecsemхkori betegsйgek lekьzdйse the kйsхbbi betegsйgek megelхzйse also important cйlkitыzйs, in which breastfeeding plays a key role. " - emphasizes Dr. Csaba Nбdor chief neonatologist, head of the Perinatal Intensive Center (PIC) of the Hungarian Army Health Center. In the institution, Breastfeeding and Baby Breastfeeding Ambulance helps to solve the breastfeeding difficulties of mothers, and healthy and born newborns support breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding also has long-term benefits for premature and mature newborns. Examples include lower incidence of obesity and diabetes in adults, and lower incidence rates of allergy sufferers in early breastfeeding mothers, and higher cognitive developmental age 8.3. However, statistics are sad: according to international data on premature infants, only half of mothers are able to for the first six months.
However, the dietary habits of the first thousand days of conception have a greater impact on the development of adulthood diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, or old age genes. The First 1000 Days Program, called by the Hungarian Primary Prevention Medical Association, aims to provide regular professional training and extensive social education in this critical period of development. The program of the Hungarian koraszьlцttek vilбgnapja alkalmбbуl Honvйdsйg Egйszsйgьgyi Kцzpontja joined with szьlйszet-nхgyуgyбszati ​​osztбlya йs PIC rйszlege йlen jбr Hungarian koraszьlцtt babбk korszerы йs csalбdbarбt szemlйletы ellбtбsбban and breast tбplбlбs fontossбgбnak hangsъlyozбsбban.