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The coolest baby dolls to play Product Test

The coolest baby dolls to play Product Test

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Nothing to be missed: the monkey, the color, the polished, the scrollable, the playable, flamboyant games have completely captivated the little one. He talks to him, thanks for it, laughs at him. Love on the square.

The coolest baby dollsFisher Price monkey capital is a playable game that can be scrolled like a book. On one of the pages there are colored animals that attract the attention of the children, so we can study them for a long time. On the other "side" I have a dowel and a purple baby monkey, which also spits. I think it is better to play with the kids on the play mat, in bed or in the lounge.The monkey mirror is obviously plenty Stimulates the sense organ for children, as it is made from scratchy, paginable, curable material, and is also fitted with a beak parrot (the same as curable material) and a plastic carabin plastic banana.
The monkey mirror can be used in a baby-like position as it can look at itself in the mirror, talk to the monkey, try to reach for the small parrot and bananas on it. It can also be used in this extra-long position, so you can scroll through the little ones and tell the story in between, leaving your attention for long minutes.

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My little son just loves the monkey. Similarly, he looks at him constantly, "speaks" to the monkey, grunts at him, laughs out loud, completely enchanted. If I put it a little farther away, it will move on the play mat, even though your hands won't get in the way and you won't be able to hold onto the plastic games. No wonder my little monkey on the play mat is a permanent piece of us.Related articles on Child Development:
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