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You may be required to make bend vaccination in Germany

They may be obligated to prevent bending for young children in Germany, and on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, they may be banned from the school if their parents do not take care of them.

Head of the portfolio, Jens Spahn told the Bild am Sonntag Sunday newspaper: "The government's goal is to keep all children in kindergarten safe from the bend." Therefore, according to the proposed new rules, one of the conditions for admission will be a certificate of turn-in administration. Unprotected children should be excluded from all schools.You may be required to make bend vaccination in Germany In the school system, due to compulsory schooling, it is not possible to use the banning tool, and children of parents who are ineligible for the compulsory schooling need to be educated. The ministry proposes to us the money-making tool, according to the draft, it may cost up to 2500 euros (810 thousand HUF) for failure to file a vaccine.
In Germany, there is no general obligation to have a vaccine at the level of the vaccine, and everyone is free to decide what kind of illness to vaccinate themselves or their young children. The only exception is the Province of Brandenburg, where barely a month ago, in mid-April, the local law (Landtag) ruled out the obligation to defend against a bend. among children, the proportion of all who received all doses of vaccine against bending, that is, they were completely protected against the disease. This is not the right rate, "the bend must be eradicated," for which at least 95 percent of the so-called vaccination rate is needed - said Jens Spahn to the Bild am Sonntag. The kormбny has kцtelezettsйg bevezetйse instead of the tбrsadalmi цsszefogбs цsztцnzйsйben the egйszsйgьgyi hatуsбgok, doctors, iskolбk, уvodбk йs the csalбdok kцzцs erхfeszнtйseiben lбtta the megoldбst.A kanyarу erхsen fertхzх betegsйg, vaksбgot, sьketsйget йs agykбrosodбst cause, can also halбlos. It is spreading throughout the world, including in Europe. The number of infections multiplied in 2018, from 25,863 a year earlier to 82,596, and the number of deaths in a bend increased from 35 to 72 in the World Health Organization (WHO) In addition to the Member States of the European Union (EU), the Balkans include non-EU countries, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, the greater part of the Caucasus, and Turkey and Israel. According to the WHO, one of the causes of the spread of the disease is the inadequate vaccination rate.
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