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Loading above 35

Today, the time of having a baby is getting longer and longer. While a woman was born in her twenties, now it is more typical to be thirty or more. What are the chances of getting pregnant later? Do you really have any dangers?

Pregnancy and baby over 35

I gave birth to my first child at 29, the second to 36. Just as there are no two pregnancies, so neither is exactly the same. So, although there are many "scary" facts and facts to read, if you want a baby as much as possible, you have to take into account that you are less likely to become pregnant, but that you are more likely to have a baby. We were lucky, to say the least, because each time I had a successful pregnancy, exactly when it was planned. Now that I had my baby at 36, , I didn't feel any disadvantage in my world as an older pregnant woman. and then start sleeping with the little one "(which, God forbid, has not been confirmed). This is how it turned out and we accepted it. I wasn't scared for a minute, because I'm not twenty years old anyway. Even if I look at my body, I am living healthierlike in my previous years. As far as the spiritual side is concerned, we have a career-friendly, stable existence, we are significantly calmer, more patient with my head. I regenerated fasteras before, even breastfeeding seems to be better now. All in all, I did not repent. And even if you bring life that way, I still don't think forty would say no to a third. Just before we get to know the pregnancy and the risk factors of over 35 years of age, the fresh and positive results will reassure readers who are and are planning to become pregnant.

Why does productivity decline?

Experience shows that the fertility rate is over 35 years. Women are more difficult to get pregnant, and in this age there is a higher incidence of miscarriage and extra-uterine pregnancy. She has a biological explanation, because the ova are not as fit as they are at a young age. It is noticeable that chromosome aberrations are more common, and that is why the risk of abortion is higher.It is advisable to consult with your doctor after a general medical examination to determine that this condition is not present in the younger child. The ..... is importantcurrency examinationsbecause you can rule out any abnormalities with you today.

Get to know the risks!

"The social trend right now is that women are born thirty more than thirty. Naturally, this means exponentially diminishing the risk of getting pregnant. high blood pressure, obesity The number of events increases with age. but during pregnancy, it can cause discomfort and require continued attention.High blood pressure is also more common in older infants, which requires constant control over both the mother and the fetus. The capacity of an organization's resources becomes more depleted and puts more strain on the organization. A young body can still compensate for the older fewer. "-says Dr. Nyirбdy Tamбs you are born, you are an adjunct professor.You also need to prepare yourself birth can also be slower, because the muscles don't work like they do for twenty years. Research has also shown that older-born baby dolls tend to have a lower weight than average. "It is also true that we also use cesarean section on older babies, precisely because of the greater complications, especially when the patient is already having a previous dressing."

Let's go for a screening test!

It is recommended that you go over 35 years for an additional exam such as a genetic screening, advice. The genetic counselor will assess the potential risks and help couples decide which tests are worthwhile. Looking at the fetus, birth defects, chromosome problems occur at a higher rate at this age, and they are better off at a better time. Down syndrome can also be detected relatively early today.

What should we do?

It is good to be clear about these potential problems, but they are absolutely not routine, so don't worry about it unnecessarily. Everyone has to find out for themselves when the moment comes when they can and want to have a baby. With regular and good pregnancy care, it is possible to have a healthier baby and to have a healthy happy pregnancy. "What is very important for a pregnant mother ongoing consultation, go for the necessary exams, eat healthy, move as much as he feels good, and not least pay attention to the weight, "says Dr. Tamabs Nyirбdy, a specialist. Related articles in this topic on children's children: