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Today, we're not the kind of little kid running around who has been resigned by doctors. "A miracle happened!" - say the same thing. But parents know exactly what's wrong with them: long years of work and early development.

More than eight thousand children are born prematurely each year, and more than six thousand are born into one of the twenty-one intensive care units in the country. However, parents and, of course, the afflictions of the little ones do not end when the baby is out of the house. Some of the early parents start with a life-threatening life and can be significantly behind without proper early development programs.

Many premature babies need development

A fifteen-year-old like a Yankee would have had almost no chance of a healthy life. Today, there are institutions where they can help effectively. The sooner a child is approached, the greater the chances of full healing.
- Children and families at risk of developmental or developmental disabilities complex diagnostic examination, customized, systematically built up developer program and advice - get started Czeizel Barbara, head of the Early Development Center. - Although in Hungary this form of provision has been found since 1993, the system is still struggling with serious shortcomings. There is no proper specialist training, no unified regulation, nor a quality system. There is no rule as to who is responsible for sending a baby to developer institutions.
In some hospitals, the staff is perfectly "in the picture", informing parents properly and giving them titles. But Mshshol simply "take the street" to the family, and mom takes the city around, walks the internet, talks to other moms, and gets a specialist. Unfortunately, this is more typical.

Your example: Danny

In Denmark, information on early development is much more oiled. All premature babies need to be evaluated by a child neurologist and referred to a specialist team. If they decide that the child needs development, the social work of the municipality will contact the family. It monitors and keeps track of the child's therapy and, if necessary, arranges travel. Parents get all the information they need, just to get the little one to one of the centers.


The Évény method
Its essence is the complex physical activity of the person and a special, hand-held muscle treatment. It is common in premature babies musculoskeletal disorder, which has two types: either too loose (hypotension) or too tight (spastic). These symptoms are not experienced by the child, in fact! Over time, they become more and more characteristic. If the disorder is not treated, the muscles will shrink, stick, stick to the state and block normal movement. With the help of the Pet method, this mechanical impediment is solved by a special manual technique, and the nervous system is stimulated to develop through the muscles and tendons. The best chance of getting cured before the baby is five months old. - We welcome children from birth to middle age. Filling out a detailed guide book and personal interview is the first step - talking about the development journey with Barbara Czeizel. - Let's then examine whether the baby has an organ disruption that is blocking development and how this medical procedure and medication can help. Check the condition of the sensory organs, and plan a baby's exercise therapy based on examination of movement and muscles. Always keep an eye on whether your child's behavior, movement, or development is changing.
If there is no advance, we will try to find the reasons. We are trying to develop early beans in a complex way. There are some who only need to go to one therapy and visit more and more. There is sensory-movement training, music therapy, healing gymnastics, pediatric development, play therapy, Dйvйny-mуdszer. The fact that you come to us weekly on a weekly basis depends on your condition. Some people need one or two more times a week, others need more. The point is that we always adapt to the needs of the little and of course the family. We try to handle the child from birth. Because nobody cares about them, though they are enormously impressed.
Occasionally, they are overwhelmed by conscience, if they deal with just about another. Alternatively, they compare children with others and collapse when their own is not "producing" what they are expected to do.

How much?

- Early childhood education and training institutions in Hungary receive an education standard of HUF 240,000 per year, which is low for children. In Austria, this sum is equivalent to millions of Euros! explains Barbara Czeizel. - The institutions are trying to get the deficit out of one percent of the application money, but that's not enough.
Early development costs the parent an average of seventy to fifty thousand forints per month. Unfortunately, our experience is that parents with mournful children have very little information about their benefits and many times pediatricians and protectors know no more than basic benefits. We try to collect and share all useful data with parents. We need to work together at every level, this is the kids' interest!

Benefits for Parents with Sick Children

(Depending on your place of residence or illness, it is definitely worth checking out.)
1. Raised Family Chairs: parents of persistently ill or severely handicapped children may need it. Premature babies under 1,500 grams reach the age of three. In particular, we would like to emphasize that in the latter case, the child does not need to be permanently ill. It was enough if the birth weight was low. There are also several benefits for raised family bars:
  • With the help of an adult carrier you can travel free of charge in Budapest by public transport even after the age of six. The certificate received from the Hungarian Treasury shall be presented to the inspector.
  • On the train, on the coaches, there is a 90 percent discount for children and adults.
  • Exempt from the machine.
  • General medical certificate in Alanya law.
  • Biscuit, kindergarten and school meals with 50 percent discount, and in many places complete cost.
  • Free school textbook.
  • Free parking for parents under 1500 grams up to the age of three.
  • Gбzбrtбmogatбs.
  • Water and sewerage support.
  • Regular child protection benefit.

  • 2. Childcare Assistance: after a child who is permanently ill or severely handicapped, I do not walk, but walk for ten years.
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