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What is a conscious baby like?

What is a conscious baby like?

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Nowadays, it is so fashionable to use the word "conscious", and you can put this mark on almost everything. But what exactly does this mean in parenting? And in general, why is it important to be aware of parents?

There are some things that I do indiscriminately. Either because I have millions of years in it (for example, I take a look at my newborn baby and I want to save it all, even in my life), or because my body is lost. dairy production) or because I bring this pattern with me from my own childhood.Although the first two are not very obvious, the behavioral patterns that are taken can indeed be changed. And here is the role of consciousness in Iran, because we may bring with us patterns that are not good, are not right, but we are living in such a way that we do not even recognize them. Or he doesn't realize that he could. It can be! Just the first step is very difficult: to realize that something has to be changed. Of course, after all, it's not a lightweight hiking trail, but you can look for tools for that.

Conscious parents are not perfect, but they strive for the best

I don't think it's perfect, always, everyone can improve something. That's why everyone is trying to get it become more aware (And not only does he read this article, he realizes that his neighbor Gizik would have to put it in his hand, but he doesn't see it himself).

So let's see what a conscious parent is like?

1. Can you accept that they are not perfectbut he strives to get better.2.Know that everything is based on being healthy, balanced, and stable. In order to achieve this, he will do everything.3. It is healthy and valued (or at least strive to achieve it), and does not let others shake it.4. He listens to other councils, wherever the council comes from, thinks about it, laughs at it, but only accepts it if it really feels like it.5. She reads books, lectures, blogs, articles, dares ideas, but only applies what is right for her and her family.6. He knows that every child, every parent, every situation is unique, so he or she does not apply a parenting practice because it is trendy. If you encounter a problem with your parenting, you will try to find a solution. You don't have to ask for help. If one of the methods does not work, you can switch and try another. In the meantime, he thinks he will not succeed.8. He does not compare himself or his children to others.9. Listen to that balance in the family: the same goes for yourself, your household and your children. Everyone deserves special attention and attention.10. You know that every child's age has its own beauty and hardship, so it focuses on the positive things. It kills the moment because it knows that your child will never be more innocent than in infancy / as charming as toddler age / as curious as two years old / as eager as a toddler, and so on. That's why you enjoy every moment.You can also meet the author's comments here: All Soul Magazine, FB
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