Allergies Can hormones do their thing?

Allergies Can hormones do their thing?

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It is reassuring to begin with clearing at the outset that nutrition has no regular relationship with allergies. However, this does not mean that known diseases do not require special attention.

It is well known that childhood happiness has many positive effects on the body of the expectant mother. The function of the maternal hormone system changes significantly, and as a result, your immune system also reacts to the other the book is sometimes annoyingly stubborn. You are aware that some allergic diseases in your mother may be alleviated or even eliminated. Skin is typical of the skin, but condition eczema (contact allergy) of contact origin is often improved.

New Year's complaints

Pregnant women may temporarily become more sensitive to conditions, effects, and everyday substances that have not caused significant problems before. Absolutely unexpected You may want to be more sensitive for example, certain contaminants, fragrances, wool, synthetic textiles, soaps, cosmetics, detergents. Unfortunately, the factors that exclude allergic diseases are mostly among them.

Sensitive breaths

According to international data, the most common transient complications associated with childhood cancer are blanching and asthma symptoms fall. In "advanced" countries, which are heavily burdened with civilization damage, 30 percent of pregnant women will have temporary disability, and 4-7 percent will have to deal with asthma symptoms. Existing asthma may worsen these months, but after birth, it usually returns to its previous state.


Of course, deterioration in health is not inevitable, as the causes chosen are also linked to the maternal lifestyle, household and cleaning habits. You can do a lot to prevent discomfort or symptoms. First we mention smoking avoidance, since it is spoken by someone who is not a smoker. In addition to household chemicals, paints and strong odors, you should also avoid direct contact with detergents and detergents.
Rubber gloves are not a reassuring solution either, as adults are 10-15 percent allergic to the raw material, latex. Only plastic gloves made of plastic, or detergents that are specifically hypoallergenic, can help them. Even better, our cleansing agents are suitable for the care and cleansing of sensitive skin. Fortunately, only those products that have undergone an appropriate test can be labeled hypoallergenic.

Secure local management

The unpleasant symptoms of respiratory allergies do not seem to be fatal, and even transient deterioration can occur due to the increased blood flow to the mucous membranes of the mucosa. If you are already suffering from medication without any symptoms, your doctor will first recommend a local treatment. A steroid-containing nasal spray and eye drops alleviate the symptoms, and only a very small amount of the active ingredient gets into the bloodstream. If this is not enough, so-called system treatment may be needed, which means regular medication throughout the allergic season.
Allergic asthma do not wait for symptoms to worsen. Inhalable, prophylactic anti-inflammatory drugs can also be used during pregnancy, and can also be given to a pregnant baby, a so-called symptomatic agent.
Because of the good oxygenation of the fetus, it is very important to have enough oxygen in the stool, so you should not wait until you get cold. Only a tiny fraction of the active ingredient in the inspiratory system gets into the maternal circulation, and this does not endanger the fetus. Pooh PeterChairman of the National Association of Asthma and Allergy Patients.
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