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Let's learn to lose weight! The third day

Let's learn to lose weight! The third day

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Merci's Diary, Thuary 3 - Improvement and good health. As I said, I will share with my readers my first experiences in the gym. I'm trying to see your stories from a comic side, but it's not the hell of a hell that happens there ...

I met my other inquisitor, Laci Kis, in the chapter about my moving work. A man in his forties smiling. Moving, appearing from far away, you see the athlete's poise and present. When we first sat down to talk, I was happy to hear that his plans were cruel, but not incomprehensible. He made sure he wasn't going to work, and I knew that I just needed it now: hard hands, smiling eyes. In the gym we started cardiopulmonary movement, and I was not burdened with aerobic exercise or stepping on my weight-bearing business.
September 1.
Confidently, but with great excitement, I arrived for my first training session at MOM Wellness. Thirty-three have spent the past twenty-five years playing active sports.
Well, I had some problems, but of course, all the beginnings are difficult… After Wednesday's gymnastics - which was about fifty minutes, cycling and walking - my stomachs lit up. I had such pains that my lips were pounding and I could only sleep with drugs. He was thinking of the day and had no effect other than his pleasant muscle mass.
September 3
Thanks to the parallel diet, there was another two kilo minus just behind me. I told Lac on Wednesday night and he suggested we stay on the bike. We rescheduled for 45 minutes, but after 33 minutes I got such muscle spasms that I turned off my bike. Х wanted to stop, nem not. I told you, then let's exercise! I've always loved the overhead, it went without problems. The first two doses. Third, my stomach cramped, and then when I wanted to relax, my stomach and sphincter muscles were spasmodic, and I couldn't breathe for seconds. Half a minute later, each of my movements cramped into one of my muscles. Then, of course, everything had to be stopped, drinking of isotonic drink followed, a liter of water and then a bit of relaxation. I announced that I would go to aquafit if I moved anyway. Laci agreed, on the condition that if I had gnats, I would stop. I made that divine one-hour water tower, pleasantly drenched, it was a bit of a valet, but I had a good time. All night. When the two currents and my bosom popped in, repeating Wednesday night's light-hearted bedtime.
It was an incredible surprise for me to be so crisp. Very bad sensation! The only thing that comforts and gives me strength to see is that the professional appreciates my perseverance.
September 15
After two weeks, the first Horns, and all the pain that went into casting, were replaced by jolly muscle. Occasionally I drive 12-13 kilometers in 40 minutes. My toes are getting harder (my thighs have been reduced by 7 inches) and my heart is getting better. The coaches are crazing me, but my coach is great at distracting me from being ready to die. You can squeeze the water from a tiny sheet of turkey, and I make it to the Transylvanian Budaörs. :) Then I turn off the wheel and make a series of two abdominal muscles. I almost enjoy it - may I have become a masochist after all the stress and challenge?
September 18
I've been sick for a few days - I'm fine! - Laci says it's time to get into the real training. It is a fact that today's trainer has not had the power to trim. According to Laci, I wrapped my bike around. Nanб. I was ticking what I didn't want to stay above 70 rev / min at 6th gear, though at 4 it was so natural! After twenty minutes, I felt like I was living under St. Geller's water, and after forty minutes, I tried to sneak into the overflowing oxygen molecules, and Laci said it was time to sort out my charisma. I was happy to acknowledge that I was lightweight with siege hurdles. But with the biceps, the twelve folds went really hard. When I thought it was over, it was back. I could complete the third series of twelve with my eyes closed, my teeth clenched, and Laci's help, and in the meantime, if this was the traditional gravity, I would definitely fall all over my head.
September 22
Not only will I be a cyclone rider, I will be in sync. Pipi water. Or sea cow, I haven't decided yet. After one year of muscle training, it turns out to be a choice with the one-man Aquafitnes Kati, a lovely, smiling fitness nut. Anyone who has not tried it may not even know what hard training can be done easily in the water without exertion. You move up to your chest in dry water, your stomachs are weightless and your muscles are working. The fat is good, you can almost smell it. It was only on the sweaty face of the pool that I felt that it was not a walk-on. Its effect is obvious on the following day: after birth, milk ingestion is a bit painful, but it is more presentable, incredibly feminine tension. Pamela Anderson and the Baywatch, beach, water ... hmm, I'm starting to get it! J
Life-long reformers have proven successful over the past two months. I missed 7 pounds and many inches, the body improved my composure and good mood. All the feedback from acquaintances and strangers, but I will tell you about it next month!
Little Lass is a personal trainer, a spinning trainer
Multiple Hungarian champion in cycling, currently Hungarian top starter
He was the junior coach of the bicycle for six years
Introducing MOM Wellnes
MOM Wellness Center
Budapest XII., Alkotбs u. 53. MOM Park "A" Tower
Phone: 487-5600
In the well-stocked MOM Wellness gym, Mercit Little Laszlo, the professional manager of the company, is looking forward. He said he was planning on coaching Merci coaches and following up on his strength. He also accepts the workout diary now, including data: heart rate with exercise, body weight changes, age, health problems. He also knows what medications he is taking and carefully records how his body responded to the load. Knowing these, you can gradually increase your performance to get to the stage where you may be experiencing weight loss.
- If you have been out of action for an extended period of time, cardio training is a good idea! explains Kis Laszlo. - This means that the heart's function must be wakened, of course with strict heart rate control. Due to cardio training, internal metabolic processes are accelerated and fitness is improved. This is a basic requirement for training to lose weight. Many people start training to get to the top right away. Of course, young and healthy, and not too much weight can survive this, but it does not make sense to lose weight faster, but thoroughly disrupt the internal functioning of our body. Our bodies need to get used to the load to be able to adapt to it. Our brains, our bodies, remember that something has changed, and we drive ourselves regularly. It senses that more energy is needed, which is why our brains are basically supplying more fuel, in some cases fat, to the muscle. If the horse is between us all the time, our body may send out cues, we may respond with nausea, tremor, and numbness. This also discourages the most discerning from sports. Getting a workout is not a day job and there is no rule as to how long it takes. In the first few months, it is worthwhile to enlist the help of a personal trainer who is planning the work and is watching. You can also come up with a variety of aerobic training, body shape, and strengthening. We can start rebuilding our muscles, where more and more fat can work.