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You can come back if you don't bother with yourself after childbirth

What are the consequences of failing to provide proper regeneration conditions? In general, what is proper regeneration? When is the time?

You can come back if you don't bother with yourself after childbirth

Mom, keep up with yourself!

Medical and all types of health care after childbirth release the mother's hand in Hungary. Throughout the three trimesters, the mother is closely followed during pregnancy: she is entitled to family support for defensive meetings, and is regularly subjected to detailed examinations. The condition of the mother and the fetus is constantly monitored. But with the birth, this ends. From now on, no one examines the mother, but luckily the newborn is examined by the health system. And, by default, moms meet six weeks after childbirth with a midwife. And very often after that, they get no attention. They stay at home, many without much help, and most of the time they do most of their baby's work. Her health, especially in the first few weeks after birth, has no time to deal with.

First six months: never a return

"Exactly, though this first six weeks - six months is the unique biological period when a woman's body undergoes profound changes. In such a case, it would be possible to repair the pregnancy / childbirth - if the mother could deal with it "- - emphasizes prof.dr.Takбcs Péter a specialist in obstetrics. This is an unrepeatable phase when it is possible to synthesize new collagen and elastin that are required for the production of striated muscle tissue. Within nine months, growing fetuses put more strain on the pelvic floor muscles, which causes the muscles to expand and lose their full capacity. Their regeneration would do much to restore the mother's pelvic floor muscles. However, there is a way to do this in the first 6 months when the mother is just left alone. There is no health care - be it a nurse, any doctor, a physiotherapist - that would be systematically there to support mothers. "Instead, Hungarian mothers are practically they are only required to care for the baby at every moment, this is their only obligation at this time, "explains US-based doctor Takacs.

What can we face?

If the mother is unable to deal with the aching muscles, she may face a number of problems that persist and degrade the quality of life. These are summarized as so-called pelvic dysfunction.1. It can be unpleasant to live with urinary incontinence, which is a very common symptom of childbirth. "Physical stress (jumping, coughing, athletic activity, etc.) results in the dripping of urine, in the background of which the binding of the muscles due to pregnancy occurs" - explains Takocs.
2. So-called prolapses, that is, the prolapse of the pelvic organs, may develop.
3. Abnormal quality of life is clearly impaired by incontinence. It causes distresses in magazines and fecal retention, which can be extremely unpleasant in the case of fierce fecundity.
4. Sexual dysfunctions: pelvic and vaginal pains in the back of which the muscles of the vaginal wall are inadequate for posture and tense.

How can we avoid unpleasant complaints?

"Kбrosan befolyбsoljбk pelvic muscles бllapotбt certain szьlйszeti technikбk: a. Vбkuum or pliers hasznбlata and szьlйszeti practice of gбtmetszйs Magyarorszбgnбl advanced orszбgok hatбrozottan kerьli the gбtmetszйst as possible, not nyъlnak the gбt terьletйhez exactly azйrt because hьvelyi szьlйsnйl egyйbkйnt well. heavily used muscles can continue to break with the incision - causing a lot of problems for the mother, "explains Prof. Dr. T.Pakcscs. "Postpartum rehabilitation should be just like this: after just a few weeks - from the sixth week on, you can be sure that your mother can be completely safe - gбtizomtornбt you have to start and do it regularly, virtually for life "- emphasizes the importance of maintaining muscles, Doctor Takahcs. containing fatty acids and leucine.
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