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What weight and deformation can we expect at the time of pregnancy? How to Avoid Excessive Undergrowth?

No fires

These inquiries employ almost every toddler today. Even before, the public thought that a baby should be eaten instead of two, nowadays we often put it on the far side of the lou: we expect nothing to change its original shape and weight. Naturally, this is because the pregnant mother has a body that grows to about 3 kilos and is fed with amniotic fluid, which increases by more than 5-6 kilos.

If you move

In the first trimester, you may experience a slight decrease in weight. It is good for you and your baby to eat little and many foods rich in vitamins and proteins.Huge individual differences there may be some who are 10 kilos and up to 20 kilos heavier at the end of the pregnancy. In many cases, weight gain can only be observed after the baby moves, from the fourth month. Overall, an average weight gain of 10-12 kg is expected, but a lot depends on how well the woman was before she was pregnant. in many ways it is dangerous means. It burdens the pregnant mother's health and bone system, increases the risk of high blood pressure, pregnancy poisoning, gestational diabetes, and physically complicates childbirth and recovery. If a prospective mom is conscious about planning a baby, it is best to talk to your GP, nurse, or diet nurse first to help achieve ideal weight. It's drastic other things should be avoided, but it's very dangerous in the first place.

Shit, gym

In the second half of the year, the body's tendency to water retention may increase, which цdйmбsodбshoz leads. Stagnant fluids impair circulation, metabolism, and high blood pressure and white water throughout the body. All of these can cause pregnancy toxicity. This serious condition must be avoided, so be sure to follow the strict instructions. Movement is important too. The daily publishing house it improves blood circulation and balances it. An expectant mother can go to a pregnancy gym led by a specialist, and in pure water you can also drink regularly.


After birth, all pregnant mothers will get rid of the light weight. Therefore, do not expect to immediately face our old figure in the mirror. Let's be patient, at least 9 months, but more than 1 year to "hormonally" physically "switch back". We want a healthy, well-developing child, so we should focus primarily on diets and lifestyles that support breast milk production, not on the diet. If you have significant overweight or diet problems, consult your home doctor or dietitian!
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