In an accident with the child

In an accident with the child

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Everyone wants to protect their children from accidents. Fortunately, severe, persistent bruising is rare, but little is done by hand or foot. What can we do to prevent, perhaps, watch every single step of the little one with a blind eye?

Accident with the child

Surgery of the Children's Hospital of Madarszsz Street

The pediatric ward of Madarszsz Street Children's Hospital, Budapest, has painted wall paintings of accidental children and their parents with colorful wall paintings. In one of the gyms, for example, a rigorous, worn-out tiger keeps an eye on the baby's small flats. The wall painting teaches you exactly how many times I have been three times.With my guide and an interview subject, Dr. Imre Kerйnyi Surgery I find out that my colleague is surprised by the tiger that really represents him. Because when they examine the abdomen of the children lying in bed, the little ones usually go insane and strain their abdominal muscles, so they suddenly nail the above question. Even kindergarteners are surprised and start thinking about the answer, so that abdominal muscles are suddenly relaxed, and as a result of a well-done trick, Kernyny's general practitioner can do the exam. He and his colleagues are on duty twenty times, at least the "accident" always comes out the same way. At the ambulance often twenty to twenty children are waiting for their examinations. If I were to be born with an arm with a tiny little kid in my arms, it would surely blow my head out of sight. If you are not examining a doctor here, you are in the surgery, either in a medical room or talking to parents, so it is difficult to schedule an appointment. We agree to see you next day, because then you'll be on vacation. When we arrive at the time we are talking about, we are in search of it many times while we are talking. You can see clearly what it is like when he is on leave.

The most common is rain

Most babies who are wounded are here for a day or two because they have fallen somewhere. The simple case of just bedding on the carpet is slightly worse, if you are wearing a diaper or feeding chair on the bed. Parents claim that so the babies could not turn around, crawl, and turned away for just a moment. Many babies take advantage of this moment to first immerse themselves in life. Few think that jumping on the parquet floor can be a problem. If, for example, a small child is tall enough to bend over the grapevine and is trying to get out of it somehow, it will soon find itself on the floor. Often koponyarepedйs the consequence. Mostly it is just a hairline crack, but the little one needs careful monitoring as it may happen bleeding inside. Possible symptoms of this are noted: during hospital stays, eyes, neurologists and otitis media also test for low fat. - These are the kids on rubber! - says Imre Kerényi, encouragingly, and tells of the case of a small child who fell from the fifth floor to the concrete and shared it with a dorsal femur. So after seven weeks in hospital, he could go home!


For example, a wounding accident occurred when a mother and a little kid playing on the ground stumbled in the darkness of a hot water pot due to a sudden electric shock. The spacious American-style living room of today's fashionable family homes appears in front of my spiritual eyes. How, then, to exclude a slip of a slipper? However, a few general practitioners do not remember a case of a hot accident in such an environment. Of course, we need to be more careful about letting the baby want lure yourself with hot teapot or soup. Such things simply should not be stored in a place where children can access them in any way. If you are about to cut off the cooking broth from the table, transport it safely to the little one or put it on your boat for that few minutes. Never inhale a child with hot camomile steam because it is extremely dangerous! It often occurred to me that the angry little kid in the flesh had made the pots go away.

Nonsense, nothing more

A significant part of child accidents is the irresponsible grown-ups, stupid. After all, you can get a bicycle child for little ones bukуsisak, it is not used by everyone to carry babies. This can be caused by really severe ankle and shingles that go with a severe fracture, a rupture of the ribbon, and skin death, because sometimes the baby is pushed to the side by pushing the foreskin. Fortunately, the number of serious auto accidents has decreased since the use of childhood has become commonplace and the quality of cars has improved. bunk bed not safe enough for a small child to sleep in. At night, if you are afraid to drop the roulette and fall down, because it goes to the wrong place, one of your limbs can get stuck in the middle of the ladder, and the little one hangs over it. This should result in serious injury. The button cell should under no circumstances be placed in a place where a small, keen little child can access it. If it appears to be ingested, it should be taken to a hospital immediately as stomach acid stops the metal from leaking, so residual substances and poisons may enter the child's body.

The inevitable

The picture is typical and unambiguous: the little child shrieks, just one arm, like a winged little bird, and the baby tells him that he raised or rocked the little one by the hand. The doctor comes over to the child, makes a barely noticeable gesture on the patient's limb, and is all right. The case may not be serious, just painful. Before the age of two, especially in young children, the glans bone easily protrudes from the ligament. I don't really have a wheelbarrow, I just don't care that the arm is pulled one of the bones moves out of place.- At one time this accident happened weekly with my younger son. They came in and put them in place. And then I taught my wife that particular little move - says Doctor Kerényi. toy accident the excess is inevitable. Everyone happens to fall down, hit himself, run over. It would not be right if we were not careful to let the baby slide and rock. Okay, if the baby stays close by, but the simple crumbs, mudslides heal without a trace.

Good morning

Kernyny Doctors suggested that we see the surgery department on Monday morning. He thought we would be in a kind of refugee wine. - True, I'm going to be on vacation for a while, but my colleagues will help me. Only in these two things was he wrong. In the morning, the head doctor was in the morning, one child was pushed in after the other. The health clubs were crowded with little patients, patches everywhere. Visitors march in long, closed rows down the corridor, one doctor examines the reflexes of a stiff-collared little boy in a crowded ward, the other doctor orders in an outpatient setting, where he is also seen on Friday. Which one do I bother with my requests? Which desperate parent would I ask, why did they come here? The mother who is just trying to reassure a cute little boy of her age? We are going to forfeit any more blood, because what we have seen is, incredibly: Overworked Doctors and Nurses, Lots of Healing Expectations parents and money and lack of space. Is it possible to go on holiday? Of course, Imr Kerinnyi was also wondering how Daddy dealt with his children 's possible accidents with so much alarming experience in the backyard. Did the born know them too? - B, no! My basketball son was a frequent vendor, and he must be plastered twice a year. But my wife just told me at the time of our marriage that there are two things she can never do with our children: you can't let them play in the kitchen because of the danger of scalding, and you can't put a glass of glass in your hands. For if a small child has a glass in his hands, his life can be miserable for a lifetime: the glass tiles kill the nerves and tendons, and they are so small that even the most careful surgical work does not necessarily produce the most productive results. the bastard and the slipper! Of course, the connectors in our homes were fitted with safety plugs and had no bunk beds. Now all of my sons have grown up.

Let's prevent child accidents!

Six months Robi she was always cleansed by her mother on the bed. There was nothing wrong with him, because he couldn't rotate, swim, lie where he was placed. Her mother left her alone for a moment on the day of the accident while she ran another diaper pack into the chamber. At that moment Robi turned - and rolled to the ground. It was so unfortunate that it hit the head. His mother was frightened, but she calmed down when the baby soon stopped dropping as he had fallen from a height of less than forty centimeters. Robby fell asleep appearing tired. Then when several times in successionand did not want to eat, they called the pediatrician who suggested that they call the ambulance immediately. Robby was included in the Department of Pediatric Traumatology at the National Accident and Emergency Department. We realized that suffered from mental illness, so you need a few days of observation. Fortunately, without death, the mourning would have escaped, but the great fright and discomfort of hospital care could have been saved. After that, never leave a baby boy alone in a place where there is even the possibility of any kind of bruising.

A safe environment!

Zita he didn't get away as easily as Robby. The two and a half-year-old little girl adored the playground, the puppies. When they were staying home on a rainy day, he saved the bookcase. His grandmother was in the room, but she was just porting a dime and staying with Zita for a week. Only the explosive noise picked up his head and he was shocked to see Zita overturned bookcase underneath, and still does not shine. He called the ambulance immediately and, with family members moving in, dropped the wardrobe over the little girl. Zita also went to the Emergency Institute, but needed longer monitoring. In that case, it happens that The sharp edges of the brain cut off important cerebral blood vessels. THE internal bleeding and brain pressure can lead to life-threatening exacerbation. As you have already megakadбlyozбsбra kьlцnfйle beavatkozбsok vбlnak szьksйgessй, bбr the egyszerыbb koponyasйrьlйsek maguktуl also meggyуgyulnak.Mivel the head йs nyaksйrьlйsek kцzцtt one йs nйgyйves when legsъlyosabbak - the halбlesetek Sixty szбzalйka result in kцvetkezik - to be awarded to the figyelnьnk megelхzйsre kьlцnцsen. Luckily for Zita, she left the hospital. Your accident could have been prevented by attaching a heavy but light piece of iron to the wall or placing it in a part of the apartment where the baby cannot access it. At this age, danger does not work! Even though you may be warned a little more than once, you will only see the opportunity to try out the exciting thing that adults forbid.

Rush hour in an accident wound

Dr. Harghita Ernh, the head of the institution's child accident department, said that young children are most often hospitalized because of headaches, wounds йs Old shoots because of this. In the early summer months of summer, much more child accidents occur than in most of the year. For example, in Hargita's most recent ward, during his two-to-three hour care, he had forty-six mournful children in the outpatient department.A typical source of summer accidents is cycling, when the parent is safe, he or she can carry the baby without his or her parenting feet, on the trunk or stroller. It is common for a small ankle to be caught between swiftly rotating birds. The result: ankle boots, spit. We wouldn't even think about how dangerous a child's pet is, a vнzicsъszdaThe four-year-old Marci for example, he slid down on it, unsure. However, at the moment of entering the water, his life was overwhelming, exactly the spine. Afterwards, the next big-bodied teenage boy was incapable of waiting in line and began to slide after the little boy. Marci suffered a spinal cord, and was subsequently sorry.Every summer, the child may have to jump into unknown water. If the water is low or the head is beaten by a huge stone, it is very serious, repentant, even fatal injuries formed. Such accidents can only be prevented by alerting children to these dangers again and again. If you can't pay attention to water games in the hustle and bustle of the beach, you might want to choose another program. Some of the casualties are quite insidious because the symptoms only appear after the urge, and then you may be overwhelmed with help - so-called dull abdominal pain, such as internal bleeding. That is why the parent does better to take the child to a specialist after the burial. While it is true that two or three men have to wait for the often overwhelmed faith of a mournful, frustrated child, it is much better for us to be worried than to lose a fortune.

Let's prevent accidents at home!

Increasing the mobility of small children also increases the risk of accidents. In a new phase of development let's re-examine our home from a child's perspective, and stop sources of accidents. It is not uncommon to know that accidentally furnished, airy, safe and purpose-built homes are less frequent. Let us do our work in a hurry, nervously, running, and watching overhead. In extreme cases, the problem always happens when we do something extraordinarily the way we usually do. Knowing our agenda, we know when it is "peak time": ebook, vendor, illness, extraordinary work. In this case, greater care is warranted. Well, if we have a small child beside us doing our kitchen work, but we are moving slower, we need to keep our eyes on it. We use the back cooking surface on the stove to prevent the hot beer from being drawn to itself. Cooker-mounted mites do not provide complete security. THE boil put it in the sink, never put it on the ground. The Sharp knives do not leave the worksheet on the edge, push it inside. Let's get the boys covered. Let's have a little cooking table for the kid in the corner, but don't let the whole kitchen get stuffed with discarded toys, because we're stumbling. Do not leave yourself in the kitchen for the time of opening a door, or for a phone call. ьvegasztal, -and and showcase. Where can you go, what can you look at? Ensure that the plugs are secured with a plastic plug and do not forget to reconnect it when using the socket. Hide it electrical appliances wires, connections. THE furniture corners glue a corner cord, a slippers under the slip. THE detergents, chemicals, home pharmacy in a lockable place, out of the reach of the child. Place the iron cord in the middle of the iron so that it cannot get caught. Do not leave water in the plugged-in bathtub and stay with it while bathing. Do not dry your hair while sitting in the bathtub!

She went into her skin

We have a simple thing to do, if it's April faszilбnk curled up into the skin. Using a traditional method, disinfect with alcohol or brush, open the skin a little over the bar, pinch the area between the two fingers, and remove the eyeliner. If the child does not leave this, we can start working more cautiously. It has an anesthetic effect in pharmacies Lidocain ointment, it works shortly after lubrication, and with a special clip-on tweezers, you can avoid the frightening appearance of your hair. kaktusztьske applied to the skin as it often does not look like it and is usually more numerous. Observe the skin with bright light and apply a tweezer to the skin that has been noticed. If this does not help, soak the small hand in warm water (bathing for a long time, do the washing) so that the skin becomes soft and the needle drops out. ьvegszilбnk: it is hard to see, the wound caused is painful, the bruise is bleeding. Soak up the blood, grab the glass with a tweezers clip, or try to gut it with a sterile needle. We need to remove the foreign body under the skin, otherwise it may become inflamed, weakened, or encapsulated in the tissue. If you can't get it out at home, or if you have bigger bruises, go for surgery.

Sticker or doctor?

It is useful to learn it elsхsegйlynyъjtбs but we need to know when a medical examination is essential. THE fejsйrьlйsek they always bleed heavily because the scalp is dense. Always consult a physician in this case, and it may be better for healing to connect the skin with light skin. THE szбjsйrьlйsek levels are abundant, but generally no big deal. Sprinkle with ice cubes wrapped in handkerchiefs, usually bleeding stops. You may also suspect a thunderstorm if it has fallen and popped. Look out for your behavior (anxiety, confusion, vomiting) and go to the doctor for the slightest suspicion. If your tooth is bruised, take it immediately to a childcare facility with the severed piece. THE "small" look with some sunshine. If skin irritation, chills, vomiting occurs, it is essential that you show this to a physician. Flush your business with cold water. If the business parts are visibly lost, consult a physician and do not experiment. If you do not have swelling when you are relaxing and stroking, you should seek medical attention. Immediately call an ambulance if your baby swallows something poisonous, a chemical or a medicine.

We wouldn't even think

Even in our safely furnished environment, "unexpected" situations that can be prevented can be neglected. After such a fortunate accident, we already foresee these hidden sources of danger.


Even in the dry swollen dust box it's all sucked into the tiny blisters of the lungs, swollen, stuck in moisture - it causes severe breathing problems. Do not give this bottle to a small child or throw it away, and keep the full box in a safe place where it cannot be handled.


Something small always rolls over, the medicine box, the sewing box, and the telegraphy collapses. The rolling button, medicine, button cell is the most susceptible seedling to discover at the highest rate. If something like this happens, we thoroughly examine the floor, not to put anything into your mouth.


An open griddle, a sumptuous sachet, a table-top kitchen utensil is a great challenge for any little toddler. Everywhere he strives to grab whatever it is. We need to put everything in and out much better than before.

Beliefs and no crap

It is useful to learn the basics in a first aid course. The most important thing is to keep us calm in case of trouble. Let's come up with an emergency plan for this. Write down the most important telephone numbers on a cardboard and place them on the wall near the telephone. Keep a spare set of keys (auto, apartment) in the locker so that you can get started immediately without having to search. Always have our first aid kit filled. There are a few wrong ways we can do more than we use.- Don't give milk to your child if you were drinking any chemicals, poisoning fluids, medicine or poisonous plants! Vomiting may also be dangerous because the remaining fluids pass through the esophagus once. Immediately call an ambulance! We can water the stomach content and take a sample of the raw material - Don't smear anything but also constantly cool under the tap or shower, even as clothing. Do not peel off the clothes, because this will also kill the broken skin, but will cut off the part.- Don't try to get it back the sprained business. Fat, spit, spit? We can't figure it out! Fasten with a soft bandage in the least painful position until you get a doctor.Related Articles:
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