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Rarely poop, failing a lotCollege pick

Rarely poop, failing a lotCollege pick

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What should a parent do if his or her two-day-old baby rarely has a baby? Is it worthwhile to target medicines?

Little baby, Lili was born at 3500 grams, currently two months old, at 5230 grams. Growth so there is no problem, they are breastfeeding well. Our big concern, however, is that she rarely has a baby. Usually every third day, when we get stimulated by a caliper, we've been given a number of tips - drink water to loosen your throat, sweet chamomile tea, and exercise - but essentially none. I am afraid that she will not break by herself at all. Our other problem is that often, after every meal, large quantities fail. I do not dare to give you a dietary supplement to prevent the sluggish movement of the mind being slower.
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The Choice of Dr. Veres Gbor, a pediatrician, gastroenterologist

In general, it is true that, if a child grows well, it is very rarely the case that failures, rare diseases, are caused by disease. Lili's rare disintegration and failures can be traced back to the intolerance and motility disorder of the intestine.

Diarrhea and fall are common infantile problems that will go away

The baby will overturn the excessbecause both the function of the larynx and the closed stomach still do not work well, the diet is not quickly eliminated from the stomach either. Occasionally 1-2 hours later, after breastfeeding, you will find a thick, yellow, semi-digested food. Here I would like to dispel the misunderstanding that yellowish voters are referring to. Bile vomiting is a severe symptom, in which case the elections are green, and in such a case you should always consult a doctor, because there is already a serious disorder. But if the baby is suffering from not sleeping again at night, it is worth looking into gastroenterology. In fact, careful examination of infants can easily select which one can help out of the currently available non-prescription pellets. Specifically, if your baby's stomach is completely palpable and has no gas, it does not. Alternatively, if the baby's stool is rare but soft, breast milk, then an extra lactulose-laxative should be recommended.They may also be interested in:
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