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With the help of the public, you give the kid the most

By now, it has been proven that at Christmas, the little ones will not be happier if they find more gifts under the tree. In fact, according to research, it can have the opposite effect if the child gets too many games.

According to social scenes, you give kids the most (Photo: iStock) According to Clair Lerner, a childhood development researcher, if children get a number of games, they will play less. Too many games can be confusing, the little ones lose their concentration, and they don't know what they want to play. Research by Michael Malone, professor of early childhood development at the University of Cincinnati, has proven that less and better games help the little ones to share and collaborate, all of which are worthwhile. Too many games, according to the research, encourage the little ones to be lonely, and they are overwhelmed by it.What lessons should be learned from this? That don't worry if we can't buy everything from our children's Christmas wish list, mainly because the time they spent with the family was much more valuable to them.The Oxford University study of 3,000 to 3-5 year old children And they spent a lot of time with their parents. So it's not the games and electronics that make them smarter. According to the survey, those who had fewer games and tools, but spent more time with their parents, performed better in the tasks examined, and also had better social and emotional development. that the feeling of generosity and generosity is much greater when they have a shared experience with the children and with their parents than when they receive a real gift. So happiness from childhood conditions has a much greater impact, like the mild excitement of countless games hidden under the Christmas tree. So don't worry about the number of gifts, let's try to spend more time with the little ones during the holidays too (VIA)Related links: