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Child or Marriage - Relationship Problems and Infertility

Child or Marriage - Relationship Problems and Infertility

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Even the most stable relationship is tested if the woman is unable to get pregnant, as infertility treatment affects every area of ​​the couple's life. But don't you want to clarify: is the consequence of the relationship problem or just the cause of childlessness?

Relationship problems and infertility

Having a baby is one of the biggest men in a couple's life: good case based on joint decisions, joint liability. And infertility is a huge prutate, and either side's problem is preventing pregnancy. It can be both physically, emotionally and financially burdensome, often with many failures and resignations. Ideally, the two members of the couple are vigorously pursuing the common goal, but disputes and quarrels are inevitable, which could only further worsen the unstable state of mind.
Men often do not understand, feel, or feel the anxiety, pain, or anxiety of women in infertility treatments, or when, day after day, they are disappointed to realize that they have not conceived again. We may not always be able to reflect with sensitivity what it is like to lie on the exam table or talk about the issue with others. So they can't provide the right support for their partners, who will only become more tense at the same time. losing self-confidence can cause them depression.
They tend to hide their pain, their fears, and it is difficult to share these feelings with others. This causes constant emotional stress on them, and in addition, partners may feel that they are hiding something from them or excluding them from their other lives.
According to psychologists every area of ​​a relationship is influenced by the child's afterlife and the struggle to conceive: From time to time, this is the only thing that determines your agenda, your free time, the money you spend, or just the minutes you spend together. This, in turn, can only better remove the two members of each other; this results in increased stress and depression, which makes it more difficult to conceive.
Communication, sincere talk is keyto deal with your relationship problems: It is natural that people in the treatment of infertility suffer a series of profound feelings. They should not be hidden or concealed, as they will only cause more internal tension. Even the help of a counselor can be used: the presence of a third party can be reassuring, it can also gently "guide" the conversation, and you will be able to talk about the same issues, not the same.
It should also be borne in mind that a child - whether they come or die - is not the only link in the couple's life. Sometimes it is worth it, in fact, it is worth talking about! Let's go to the cinema, play in the theater, have fun, meet friends, or start a new hobby. This not only strengthens the ropes, but also helps to overcome the fatigue of infertility.

Under the surface

There are many stories where two people are lost due to childlessness, and then the baby arrives almost immediately. This is a clear indication that there are unspoken fears and uncertainties that not only make it difficult, but actually make it impossible for a couple to have a common child. On the surface, the eyes may be the "perfect" relationship with the outside eye, but they can have much more negative feelings than others think.
The reasons for the unexplained infertility sometimes lie beneath the surface: on the subconscious level, there may be barriers, obstacles that do not "allow" the conception of pregnancy. Unspoken fears, the fear of losing womanhood, material insecurity, or even the unspeakable bitterness of a partner, the lack of mutual trust are all very powerful influences. In the case of men, the very high expectations they have of themselves, Commitment to Currency Fear or if they are afraid of their own infertility, they can also contribute to the infertility.
It can also affect the fertility of a couple if there is no balance in their relationship (even at the subconscious level): if one party reigns, fathers, or mothers over the other, the child, as much as he or she desires on the surface, would indeed be "an obstacle" in his or her life.
Relationship uncertainties are worth clarifying before embarking on infertility treatment. Whether you are alone with a professional or with a partner, this is absolutely necessary so that your baby can not only be healthy but happy - as soon as possible!
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