8 Nervous Parenting CouncilSor if you had listened, you would have remained wise

Even though you did not own it, you may have had theories and techniques that you shared with your young children, your educational goal. Then you became ...

Untimely advices can be used to chase moms into the wild

… And you're no longer clever as you try to dip into the recent literature and know how bad it can be to bombard the "goodwill" councils. In our next collection, this time, we put together a bunch of wisdom and educational tips that you might hear, and you jump out the window most, because they are either obsolete or they may be injured.

1) Don't let her be right, because you will not be respected!

Why not accept it? Why couldn't a child be right? If so, you need to acknowledge your parent - this is the way you show him how fruitful it can be if human relationships are based on respecting other people's opinions, recognizing their desires, and not paying attention. The child will not see in you the full grown adult, but the honest, responsible adult. That is why you can / will be honored if you are paying attention to consistency.

2) One slap on her misses, you see, she learns where she is!

Why not accept it? Because we don't even find children or adults. Point. Discipline is not equal to beating. And a parent dealing with conflict aggressively is the worst possible model for a child! A snapping slap indicates that you are incapable of controlling your feelings and you are sending the message that it is a well-used tool. Of course, you may have grown up with a parent's purposefully-aiming bag, but you would rather find a solution to these situations in your own way. You and your child.

3) Let it run, if you always jump, give it a treat!

Why not accept it? It is a science-based fact that a baby cannot be spoiled, and not for the first three months! This is the time when parents need to respond as quickly as possible to their little needs, thus helping to create an environment of trust in the baby. All your future relationships will be affected by this period! Whenever you respond to your signals, you get the message that it is worth signaling, because there will always be someone who hurries to help, love, care for them. This type of choice will be fruitful in the long run, do not listen to the Shrine Leaving Tips!

4) Don't drag on, don't wear it, you'll never let go of your skirt later!

Why not accept it? Babies have a basic need for maternal / paternal proximity, if they are shit and miserable, but they have no other problems - because they piano everything - they just need to be close to their mother, and they need to be handy! ) you can assure. No manipulation if you shit, you don't want to fuck you, and it won't always be that way. Now give them the body, you see, a little crook full of suspicion!

5) She will become a perverted adult because you are breastfeeding too, choose it!

Why not accept it? Breastfeeding is not only nutritional: calm, maternal proximity to the baby, and there is no reason to expect your child to breastfeed for as many months as it is believed to fit. Breastfeeding is everyone's home, even if your mother, grandmother or someone else is a credible preacher, especially if you don't breastfeed at the time. The American Pediatricians' Association states - if the doubters had to justify: "There is no upper limit to the duration of breastfeeding, and there is no evidence of breastfeeding beyond the age of 3 years".

6) Don't talk about this to the little one!

Why not accept it? The child is not stupid, just small. Everything you need and speak in your own language! Never run away from canines, especially if your child asks! Say as much as you deserve, not as pregnant as you can - depending on it, but don't shun it, don't hold back information about love. For example, the topic of death or any question about sexuality is the incurable illness of a grandparent, but we could still list it.

7) Oh, what are you nervous about, these are just milk teeth, you don't have to take the toothbrush seriously!

Why not accept it? Milk teeth should be treated at least as carefully as the remaining teeth. In the early days, you put the importance of oral hygiene in your little ones, so you can routinely learn the steps that will make treasures from the smaller, more permanent teeth. Premature tooth decay due to deterioration may lead to minor dental alignment requests. And here it is important to note that no, gossip does not replace tooth brushing, and neither does apple eating! This also, due to its fruit acid and fructose content, also slightly softens the tooth.

8) Just read / let her watch cute, beige stories!

Why not accept it? Because no matter how brutal the Grimm and Andersen basic tales seem to be, they do not increase anxiety in the small, contrary to popular belief! They only aid in the processing of existing unconscious anxiety, with their symbolic traditions. And more importantly, it's more like reading than watching a parent / DVD, because a kid who hears stories every day when he or she leaves for school can 1.5 years ahead of his or her non-regular storyteller. Unfortunately, cartoons simply turn off internal running images, inward processing, which is very much needed: children have a lot to process, so there is an urge for inner images. Give it to them!
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