The best herbs for a babyAbout a day

The best herbs for a babyAbout a day

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You don't have to think about medicine right away. If you have complaints, your healers will help.

The best herbs for a baby

EskЙ +ц +ny +: If you have frequent complaints of bloating, stomach ache, you may be able to swallow a few slices of this delicate, sweet aroma of tea during the day, which you can buy in a drugstore or filter bag. If you love nizzi, you can drink it daily!Mбlnalevйl: Drinking one to two slices a day from the start of the month before childbirth - with the effect of increasing muscle tones - can help you with light birth. And because of its antibacterial properties, it is also good for preventing and correcting infections in the mountains, so you should drink about two liters a day.Hбrsfavirбg: If it's cold, and the cough is crippling, even with a little tummy, it is as sensitive as if your baby were to fall out of you. You can relieve the symptoms by leaving it alone with honey or natural wood for a longer period of time!Lemons + mint: Because of their pleasant scent, soothing, cleansing effect, both of them are a real goodie! You can drink it all while on the go, and the mild hydration of mint can help reduce the amount of edema that may occur in the last few months.
However, during breastfeeding, it is better to neglect the mint as it reduces the amount of milk.
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