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Teach your nose to cook!

Teach your nose to cook!

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Not only does the nasal pores do good service during infancy, but until the baby can properly discharge his nose. Keep using your nose while teaching the right nose.

So teach your nose to cook!

How can you teach you the right nosebleeds? Capture one of the nostrils with the handkerchief, and slowly, steadily but not strongly exfoliate the open nostril. It is good not to blow big and short on trumpet, but rather to breathe for a long time. How long do you wear? Count and praise it or encourage it further. Then shut the other nostril in the same way. If one of your noses is clogged, shut it up, you can cook only the free noseotherwise, the voters would look for an exit over the old ones. If all nasal passages are blocked, the air must be released. Outdoors, in cold air, this usually reverses spontaneously, with cold, dense inhalation in the home, warm inhalation of thyme, mint leaves, nasal drops, drizzling of cold water, and humidification of indoor air.

Be clean completely

If the nose is done with the wrong technique, the elbows will suppress the larynx and the facial nasal passages and cause more severe inflammation there. Be very careful not to use your nose until your child can properly drain his / her nose!
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