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Big Sugar Guide - What to Give Your Baby Sugar or Sweetener is Better for Baby, Toddler?

Big Sugar Guide - What to Give Your Baby Sugar or Sweetener is Better for Baby, Toddler?

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Raw sugar, agave syrup, brown sugar, honey, cane sugar? Newer and newer trends are emerging in nutrition, and you can lose all of your losing weight by looking for the trigger you can safely give to your baby.

When do you start the baby's, child's eats?

Here are a few things to note first: it is important that your baby first learns about natural tastes. For example, if you encounter too much sweet taste in your diet, you may easily reject non-sweet greens. There is also an extreme trend of sugaring greens straight so that the little ones eat. In contrast, however, French dietary habits differ in many respects from other countries. In France, greens are much more preferred, typically with greens, they start with the introduction of new foods, and they offer the taste, greens very often, with many variations for the little ones. Not bad, it's a fact that it's also possible that French adults are eating more green. But it's also important that breast milk, formula to keep the goats well and the cabbage to survive.

Bad hr

No matter the countless new trends, unknown ingredients, newer and more expensive ingredients: sugar is basically sugar. There may be minor differences in nutrient and vitamin content, but this does not change the way it is Bencze Mбria we could find out from a dietitian.

Ьres caliber

- It is worth knowing about natural sugars, says nutritionist María Bencze, because they are very high in energy and contain very few micro and macro nutrients important for the body. That's why we call them empty calories. From this point of view there is no difference between choosing cane sugar, cane sugar or glucose.The body needs energy for adults and children alike, but to do so there are foods that provide energy, other nutrients, proteins, substances, proteins, fats, proteins, fats,

It's normal for us to love you

Of course, the love of the sweet taste is our innate property, and it is difficult to resist humiliation. You can alleviate the lack of sweet water by consuming fruits, fruits, dried fruits, fruits, or a glass of wholegrain (possibly). mйz It is a wonderful substance that is worth using when you are looking for it, because it can provide a lot of help to our constituents. However, it is not advisable to give it to young children under the age of one because it may contain caustic and be allergic.

Sweetener only in justified cases!

"I do not recommend artificial sweeteners, fructose, or lingual sugar in infancy," the expert continues, "only in the event of an illness. Can cause diarrhea and more they can also have a health effectwhich can be even more of a problem for a developing organism.At the beginning of breastfeeding (breastfeeding supplements), the baby tastes like fruit juices and fruits. Further, physiologically, there is no need for any less. Unfortunately, children are very attracted to the many flavored, sugary, sugary drinks, gum sugars, other candies, sweets that are difficult to avoid in certain situations. In this case, we should aim for quality and look for better quality. We choose products that are free of color and aroma, and are made from the best ingredients possible. Here, too, you can take advantage of the natural sweetness of fruits and use them to make desserts and snacks. Let's see what sugars we know and what we know!


Conventional crystalline sugar, from sugar beet, is extracted from sugar beet in other places, and all minerals are extracted from the sugar in the process.

Brown sugar

Many people think it is just because it is brown and healthier than white sugar, but unfortunately that is not true. The method of brown sugar production differs from the white sugar only in the last phase. THE refining process The remainder of the line is the molasses, which is then mixed with the sugar. It contains a minimum of useful substances, but not in significant quantities. In addition, in many cases, only plain colors add to the brown color. (You know, in the worst case, brown breads use a similar trick.)


It's brown too, but don't mix it with brown sugar. Because it is not refined in the process, it contains low levels of B vitamins and sugar-derived minerals.


In practice, it results from the processing of sugar syrup, sugar cane or sugar beet. It has a measurable nutrient and vitamin content.


It can also be a loser because the bar is structurally identical to fruit sugar, which is made from corn. It is much better that it is thawed more slowly than refined cane sugar.


It is a popular ingredient in the food industry, it can be found in yeasts, ice creams, biscuits, but unfortunately it is also found in cooked and other processed foods and semi-prepared foods, even where. Honey of lower quality is also cooled.Hint: The thicker, the less fluid a honey is, the more quality it is to the right quality. If it's "sugared", that's the best sign. If you move lightly in the glass shop, you may be suspicious. Corn syrup and "invert sugar" are also called, unfortunately, with these additives, they secretly bring most of the sugar into our body. Important: To avoid unnecessary calorie intake, always read the product label.


The only natural sweetswhich is rich in valuable nutrients and is much slower to absorb than sugar. It is important that when you cook it, you lose most of these useful ingredients.


It is obtained from potatoes or maize. As it is absorbed in the saliva, it raises blood glucose levels rapidly and is therefore too bad for insulin management.


It is dated, very sweet and very dear. It is slightly sweeter than sugar, and therefore less in weight and contains all the nutrients.


The high number of years of age, does not damage the teeth, and does not burden insulin, but advises dietitians to use it only in justified cases (overexposure, diabetes). "Lime sugar can cause diarrhea and the little ones don't need it," Bencze says.


It is also beginning to spread, fructose and glucose, obtained from growing by pressing. It raises blood sugar by half as fast as sugar, but it is 42 percent sweeter, so it must be less at that level in order to achieve the same taste.


Actually, it is a sweet herb, but unfortunately, due to its characteristic breast, it does not release 100% of the sugar. Many manufacturers have tried to take away their booze, but the real shift hasn't happened yet.Important: Some sweeteners have no qualities - the Stevia also counts - with promising properties, after all we deceive the organization, because our body hopes for some nutrients with its sweet taste, and it doesn't get it at all. This mechanism can be damaging in the medium or long term, as it disrupts sensation and thus the balance of the body. According to some researches, sweeteners can lead to long-term weight gain.

Does vitamin content count?

Some sugars actually contain vitamins and minerals, but I don't think you should consume sugar because of your vitamin B intake - comments the expert - even if it contains a ton. The lesser bad principle is that we can choose sugars that contain some vitamins or other nutrients, but they are generally for the purpose of reassuring one's conscience, and often cost much more than their value.

The golden center

Sugar does not need to be treated with mummy, most importantly a mйrtйktartбs. Avoiding added sugar as much as possible is completely unnecessary for the body. There are countless solutions by which we can taste sweet water (fruits, dried fruits). If it is absolutely necessary to add sugar, use honey first. With these techniques, you can make a lot of delicacies. And if you make a cake for the occasion - birthday, holidays - with sugar, you don't cut the world. We can educate healthy children even if they are eating ice cream that contains sugar, but it is important to know what foods we give them before and after. Let us introduce you to greens, fruits and rich foods. As long as you eat a variety of foods rich in nutrients and vitamins, and exercise enough, the sweetness is based on the principles described above. The most important tips of experts are:
1. Basically, avoid adding sugar wherever possible.
2. Take advantage of the natural sweetening ability of fruits and dried fruits.
3. Make homemade cookies, taking into account the above delicacies.
4. If you really need added sugar, use honey over the age of one.
5. If a particular recipe cannot be prepared based on the above, slower-release sugars containing all nutrients are slightly better.
6. Sweeteners should only be used if you have a problem. Useful information on the current amount of recommended sugar intake for children can be found in our WHO recommendation article.Related Articles: