How did my child become?

With medical judgment, it seems self-evident that medicines, sterility and instruments provide the solution. Molnбrné dr. However, Ani Piri asked for help when it came to childbirth.

Photo: Tucsek Tünde

We'll meet before the baby training course. While Anikу is trying to explain the route on a cellphone, Gbor is rocking a little in the stroller. By the time I arrive, Gergh will be babbling, we'll all forget our eyes. Sweet little boy. Standard face, fine features, loopy little feet. Another year was expected.
Where else do you want your health to be when you are not on the bed? The story of Anik and Gabor's lover is weaving the story anyway, as their first date ended there.
"Then I had to call an ambulance for a lady," recalls Ominous Day Anikou. - Gabb came as a rescuing army, but I almost didn't finish it, I just made the papers, printed my stamp, and I was worried that everything would be okay with the woman. I was also surprised when Iwiwen found me in Gabber and contacted me.
"I had a relatively light business," Gbor says, "because I knew everything I wanted to know from Anik's medical seal." We got in touch immediately.
Their first date started in the usual way: they went to the cinema. Gabriel wanted to be sure, and he did not risk a thriller, action movie, or ticket to a pure romance. The nine and a half date seemed like a good choice, they also went to the cinema to cheer for Iván Fenyő, but after a while Anik could not watch the movie.
"I managed to catch a diarrhea virus," Anikou continues, "and made me feel so bad that I had to get out of the movie theater." Gabriel followed me and soon saw that the situation was starting to get serious. For a while, we were still hesitant about what to do and decided to control the mind. Finally, an injection helped me feel better, but I was already dating. But we didn't give up, the next time was exactly a day. This is the day we count our relationship.
The young couple didn't need to care much to know that they were planning a future together. Half a year later they wanted a baby. But in vain, the little one just didn't want to grasp it. Because they were in plenty of time, they were not nervous, they did not rush to the doctor immediately, to the bear center, they were more into natural methods.
"It may sound strange to a doctor, but I've always said that I wouldn't go for exams, take it out on the ladies." I thought for myself that this was a terrible underpinning for women's self-confidence, and so they were farther and farther away from being able to conceive naturally. I started to deal with myself a bit, for example, I went to Etka-yoga. I loved this movement, preparing women for baby kittens and body shaping. When I mentioned to my instructor that we wanted a child, he immediately recommended Uncle Gyuri's medicine. Since I was attending a nature healing course, Uncle Gyuri's name was not unknown. I knew she was collecting her foxbugs in Bkk, which are famous worldwide. Even though I was involved in the pedigree, I was amazed at how much detail it would take if someone wanted to hay the grass. It also counts the time of day when the flowers are harvested, as this can affect their effect. For me, Uncle Gyuri is an absolutely authentic person, so I ordered the baby doll package right away. I had just put my name on the internet, had thrown out all the information and could have bought the tea.

Photo: Tucsek Tünde

It worked almost immediately
"I'm not denying I was a little excited about what Gabriel was going to bring to my idea." But luckily he got to it and we started the three-step program. The first pack of tea helps with the loss and lasts for twelve weeks. We drank the tea with respect, fortunately there was no other constraint, and I especially liked it. I don't think Gabor would have rewarded me for taking away all the meat, sweets, all sorts of delicacies, and starving for a long time on a bad note. In the next few steps, women and men must drink. I was given a freeze-dried tincture, Garb had to eat raw egg, brown beer and celery. We left the quail eggs instead of vitamin E instead.
I admit, I've been uncertain a couple of times. What if we don't have a baby? At the beginning of the year, I felt like I couldn't swallow any sips of my strength. I went to an astrologer this time because I wanted to know if I would have a child at all. He said I should focus on my career, but in September 2010 I can imagine having a baby. I told Gbor that if I didn't have a child I would be able to work with them at least as a pediatrician, but he just laughed. She was sure she would get pregnant. In the meantime, we started organizing our wedding, celebrating the big day, and booked a venue in Lagos. Then it was strange, but my bleeding was gone. My stomach was numb, but it just didn't come. On the 40th day in the morning, I did the test after getting up and it was positive. I was so crazy about taking pictures.
I kept on going for the Gyuri Uncle's tea, but unfortunately, things just didn't work out the way I had planned. Forty-four years later, our son gave birth to a cesarean section, although I wanted to have a natural birth. But, of course, today you only think that we are here, beautiful and sweet. And sorry, let's rush to the baby now!
Baptist Church Baptist
Gyuri Szabu is called an old bachelor, because he knows the cure just as few people today. When he was a kid, he wanders around the woods, gathering herbaceous plants, which will reveal his secrets to him. She learned from her grandmother, the all-knowing woman, what kind of plant she was. More than 150 types of herbal medicine are known and employed. Herbal remedies provide relief for countless troubles. Patients with diabetes mellitus are also interested in over-the-counter tea due to their milk. Gyuri is eager to pass on his knowledge, organizes a directory of biographies, edits a book, and a health diary.
How did you help?
Many times in childless marriages, the doctor does not find any abnormality. Such "infertility" may include stress, unhealthy lifestyle, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, or acidification of the body.
In their name, Bishop Gyuri Szabou developed the following program, which operates on the principle of three:
1. purifies the body of contaminants,
2. strengthen the lining and increase sperm production,
3. Recommends the consumption of sex hormone stimulating herbs.
The following are the steps:
Internal cleaning
Women and men should also drink a cup of tea each day, one day from cheating, the other day from diullev to morning fasting, until the tea leaves are consumed.
Strengthening the lining, increasing sperm count
A strong lining is important for the fertilization of the fertilized egg. That's why expectant moms drink a mocha of ice cream every morning and evening for six weeks. To increase sperm count, during this time a man should consume one raw broth egg, one glass of brown beer, 300 grams of raw or cooked celery daily.
Tea mixes and irrigations
Many times, the first two steps will come to fruition, if not, then the program should continue: men / women tea mixes should be drunk a day each morning on the stomach until the tea is exhausted. In addition, every night, the woman must undergo irrigation (vagina). The program can be started and continued at any time with medication. No other herbs should be consumed during this time.
After the positive test, to avoid abortion, you should start drinking milk from the bilberry leaf immediately after 12 weeks, with one trickle per day. The bladder regulates the functioning of the honeysuckle, so it is advisable to drink it one week a week, two weeks before birth.