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What to bring with us to birth?

What to bring with us to birth?

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Unfortunately, we can't pack our home in fun, but we can keep your hospital days quieter by packing it carefully. It's a good idea to have everything in one place by week 30.

What to bring with us to birth?Ennis and innivalu
  • sour acid free books
  • gyьmцlcs
  • szхlхcukor
  • Oat
  • plastic sideboard, cutlery, napkin
  • pohбr

Comfortable white
We choose pieces that really feel good. The top example is great for getting under control. High-waisted panties (possibly baby panties) are comfortable, do not trim at the wound, do not swing under the bulging abdomen, keep the size inserts. It is important that you do not cut one size bra and wear a bra after breastfeeding.
It must be every day
It is important that the hoodie can be unbuttoned or folded down to the end or to the knee pads, with a breathable cotton bag. This makes it easier to breastfeed and put the baby on our chest without having to throw it. What you will use every day: dressing, slippers
Intimate hygiene
The first two or three days after the birth passes the urine insert, after which the night is sufficient. Flesh panties are washable, airy, and also keeps the urine pad in place, it does not end in the gauze because it has a high waist.
Purity, grace
  • Wet toilet paper is good for intimate body cuts, bruises, and hemorrhoidal complaints.
  • Toilet bowl cleaned cloth
  • Toilet papнr
  • paper toilet toilet
  • paper handkerchiefs,

  • hand breast tissue
  • Tetra textile diaper
  • melltartуbetйt
  • breastfeeding
  • perfect for breasts

Ьdйn and fresh
  • Cleaning supplies, trinkets (smaller and bigger)
  • Hairbrush, toothbrush, toothbrush
  • Liquid soap
  • Kцrцmollу
  • slippers for shower
  • hairpin, hair rubber
  • socks
  • unbuttonable or flip flip-flops
  • 6-7 Textile Diaper
  • marriage certificate or paternal statement of recognition
  • TAI card
  • lakcнmkбrtya
  • personal identity card
  • awesome book
  • artifacts
  • 2-3 pairs of cotton socks
  • discarded panties
  • szalvйta
  • mobile phone and phone
  • fйnykйpezхgйp


Let's pack it up and prepare it
  • her newborn clothes to take home;
  • our own clothes that we can go home to, our shape will not be far from old;
  • street shoes.

Let's get ahead of the birth
  • will you need a bowl, glass, cutlery (usually yes);
  • whether there is a bathtub, a toilet in the rooms, or whether a public bath should be used;
  • whether there is a refrigerator in the room, a buffet nearby (in case of acute seizures).

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