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"Szutyoksárrik and Szutyokmarcik" publishes a photo review of the Bratislava Pagony

So do you. Find the most dirty photo from your last year's album!

Sooty Bits And Sooty Punches is publishing an entertaining photo gallery of the Bratislava Pagony Publishers, linked to the newly published Sutyoksбri cнmы book. Enthusiastic aspirants have nothing more to do than find last year's funniest grungy, dirty, and smeared photos of smaller members of the family, and upload them to the gallery created on their publishing site, February 12, 2012
The year 2011 is over, here's an opportunity to have a little nostalgic time, taking some of the family's secret photos of fun, laughs, and fun at the same time with your whole family and friends. Pagony is now curious about these hidden treasures: can anyone show you what a fake birthday party cake, forget-me-not sandbox party, or just the fun of last year's family fun? Because more original, more entertaining freaks have not been carried on the ground yet. In a matter of seconds, you can stitch yourself in, paint your hair and wash your hair all over the street with balding foam. Anne M.G. Schmidt and Fiep Westendorp: The Book of the Southerners' Book Says Exceptional Reading to the Whole Family - The Joy of the Little and Fun

The conditions for a photo album are simple:

- the image (s) of the photograph should be at least as grungy and dirty as Sutyoksbari,
- one parent can apply only one photo,
- photos are expected between January 12 and February 2, 2012, to upload the selected photo to the gallery created on the Bratislava Pagony Publishing website sub-page of the Sutyoksari Photo Gallery!
Among the uploaded images, the Pagony team selects the funniest, most original, and the prize is a great Pagony Book Voucher.

And the show: "grungy" family program and gift

The application for the Sutyokyrk and Sutyokmárkik was crowned on Saturday, February 4th, 11th, the Bratislava Pagony invites the family to the exciting and exciting program. Craftsman, introductory to the Sutyox book, book montage, smudging, reading tales from the volume, and much more.