She saved her mother's life at six

She saved her mother's life at six

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Her own mother saved the life of a fallen baby boy.

His mother saved his life at the age of six

At home, he called 112

A six-year-old boy who called the 112 helpline a few days ago in Balatonszabad, rescued his mother by co-operation with the hospice operator, the ambulance and the police. The child called the helper thather mother feels very bad: she does not react to anything but lies on the bed and quake. The little boy couldn't tell us where to live, so a staff member at the Miskolc Reception Center tried to find out the details that were important. The operator asked the frightened child that ask for help from an adult in your neighborhood.

The boy didn't know my house

The settlement and the name of the street could finally tell the little boy, but not the name of the house. In this case, the operator linked the call with the rescue service and the police in charge of the area. The child tried to help with the designation of the colors of their houses and the objects in the yard. at the request of a police officer at the Operations Command Headquarters of the Somogy County Police Headquarters. The little boy finally handed the phone to a woman he went to next door. The mother's condition has been stabilized in the intervening yachts who are waking up at home to their child's clever behavior and quick co-operation of the compassionate organs (VIA)Related links: