How much does an ive in the ovary mean?

How much does an ive in the ovary mean?

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Many school-age children only turn sixth in the summer. But how do we know how we're doing: if we get them to school or keep our kids in high school?

How much does an ive in the ovary mean?

In Hungary, as in most countries, there is a legal requirement to start school. This law expires at the age of six, that is, if your child reaches the age of six by August 31, Year after year, you can start your studies at your parents' request. (So ​​you can go to school any year and half if you were born in early September). But what is the basis for us to decide if we are ready for school and whether to bring the child to school?

But you can read already!

"In justified cases, an additional year spent in kindergarten can significantly improve the performance of a child enrolled in school." - says Rбkуczinй Adamecz Bernadett, Deputy Head of School for the Golden Gate School in Richmond. "A parent can make the right decision about going to school if he / she knows his / her child and he / she also takes into consideration the suggestions of the young ones. you would just be bored in kindergarten, go to school as soon as possible! ' - say some.But there are others who, if possible, would wrap their children in cotton wool, and they would rather have the idea of ​​going out of school because they are expecting the demands of going to school and the demands they have on us. keep an eye on children who are of school age and help parents make that decision. "

Complex maturity is important

Rбkуczinй Adamecz Bernadett believes that the most important thing is that consider it complex the child's birth. "A large group of high schoolers can read and poetry a lot, but they may not be able to watch for five minutes and stay still. If a child is extremely accomplished, it is imperative that you also go to school.In this case, it is time for the newly chosen independent occupations, which optimally do not waste your time in the main activity, the play, the If such a child goes to school early, he or she will only suffer, be considered a miracle, and will not be able to fit in. the cognitive abilities are me from observing, it involves the task consciousness, the controlled, persistent attention, the existence of monotony. Important tйnyezх optimбlis terhelhetхsйge the nervous system, the konfliktuskezelйs, kudarctыrйs, йs is that adуdу problйmahelyzetekre akбr tцbbfйle megoldбsi stratйgiбval rendelkezzen.Fontos to kiderьljцn how the nervous system цsszerendezettsйge (the egyensъlyйrzйke, йs wholesale finommozgбsai, gestures цsszerendezйse), which beszйdйszlelйse and their understanding, as well as their linguistic abilities, their ability to capitalize on speech and their voice training. "

You don't lose a year, you win a year!

According to the expert, it helps you to make a decision by tracking your child's daily play, how they interact with their peers, their environment, how they react, their new situation. Feel free to ask about your appointment time and ask if your child accepts the guidelines, what role do you play in your school? by one year with some shift the kid didn't lose a yearbut wins, "admits Bernadett Adamecz Rabkins." Wins a year for carefree, forgotten games, and for himself. In this age, free play, movement, fairy tale, and music are the most advanced. He mйg these alapozzбk the йrzelmi biztonsбgot or orientбlуdбsбt the csalбdban the vilбgban.Termйszetesen bбrmifйle bizonytalansбg esetйn йrdemes konzultбlni the уvуnхkkel who kikйrik the Nevelйsi Tanбcsadу vйlemйnyйt problйmбs cases, but szьlхk themselves may segнtsйgйrt the intйzmйnyhez if kйtsйges szбmukra, what would be a good kid for you. "
- Are you in a hat?
- Is the school okay?
- Are you ready for school?