The Baby Mouse: Thousands Get Toddlers Diarrhea

Unforgettable moments with the baby: the first steps, the first words, the first drawing. And something else that is guaranteed to be left out of photo albums. The first one believes.

The baby mite

A toddler (between the ages of 1 and 3) goes through a series of changes in Iran. By gaining newer degrees of freedom, you can gain much more independent experience. He separates himself from his parents, and his own will appears. Even if you do not speak in round sentences, you have surely learned "no". Katalin Juhász a child psychologist emphasizes that it comes to a very important condition for healthy personal development.

I love you and I don't

His behavior is controversial. The child calls the parent to help, and then shakes hands. Many times it seems frustrating and frustrating. If you want to hit something, whine, mercy, jump into a halt, yell, yell, maybe it. He doesn't do all that because he's a bad kid. He simply cannot comprehend what danger means, what social conventions mean, and in fact identifies the rules to be followed by the will of the father and mother. For this reason, his relationship with parents is ambivalent, as a curious child who has no danger at all has to be restricted in many ways.

Nothing succeeds

This is a difficult time for the kid, because he is still single. He pours out milk, can't put on his zipper, he has to turn to us everywhere. This is why it is difficult to keep an eye on an adult because the child is relatively small. Yet this period does not pass without a day in which no failure would have occurred. Anxiety and frustration are difficult for an adult to bear. But he has the advantage of meeting these sensations already, getting to know how to defend against them. For the little ones, however, they are eagerness and scary, and for the time being, I have no way of handling them.

Toporzyk, ordnt, grapefruit

In this case, sometimes the child gets dehydration. He squeals, gasps, yells. You wriggle, you beat you, you end up stuffing things, you hang around. Our twisted sentences do not even reach our consciousness, they reject weakness. When he shouted at himself, he was drowned, he was silent, and he could be talked to again. You, too, are terrified and endlessly saddened if you can finally put yourself in our arms.

How do I handle it?

According to Katalin Juhász, the first and most important task is to be the lowest adults should keep us calm, don't panic. You can be assured that dehrham will definitely die, you do not have to kill him immediately. All forms of violence are returning. Shouting, catching the child, and shutting them down only results in more ambiguous reactions. Of course, you do not have to let it cool you down, but whatever you do, your calm presence, your determination prevails rather than your fervor. Take it easy and assure yourself of your love. Once you are completely relaxed, you can talk about the story. It is important that you do not punish or reward the hysteria.
  • He's crying again!
  • No no no! - So treat the hist!
  • In his hysterical memory