When does the baby need to play?

When does the baby need to play?

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A lot of people just flinch at it: they'll play if they get bigger. If she's up, if she's up, when she starts talking ... We can play with the baby for the first few weeks.

It is worth giving a play appropriate to your baby's age.

When the baby is still looking, you just hang a light colored cloth, a soft-boiled balloon, a cellphone with larger items in the folding box. Don't overdo the doll room with colors, because it will burden your nervous system.After you have stayed and awake, Sing to her, or listen to baby music (surf the net as you like). In contrast, steady back music makes you irritated and hurts your hearing. Stay on a rocking chair or a gym ball, maybe fьggхбgyba or rims. THE ringatбst he enjoys it, but it develops best when he notices how his movement moves the luminous surface. tбrgyakkal it is time to get to know something when you are consciously grabbing something. Nйhбny good grip, different tactile, lightweight, mouth-watering pieces are best suited for this - and these are not just games. He often finds things in his environment more exciting. Be careful not to put any unsafe things in your hands multiplayer games they are money and space-saving because the kid keeps playing with them. These are the kind of kitty clippers you can see: first the baby's feet, the sleeker, lighter sleeping pad. Make sure you don't overdo it with lots of games, because you'll have to tidy up for a while, and it will lessen your baby's interest and share your attention.