Will you be interested in me when you are with me during your birth?

I think a lot, I think about the advantages and disadvantages of fatherhood. My husband is a very good companion, but I can't really imagine being able to marry me without ever experiencing mental distress.

It would be nice if he were with me, and I know he would have liked it even if he had controls. We talk a lot about this. Most of all, I was afraid of our sexual life, after weeks, intimate relationships became impossible. What should we do? - asks our reader, Hajni, 29 years old. Terjski-Tуth Nurra tanбcsai.

The choice of the sex therapist

When you are expecting a couple of babies, you are rightly asked if you want to have a partner in your birth. Many women think this is the most natural thing to do, as it is worthwhile to live with this condition, but in many cases men are "forgotten" to ask about it. In my experience, an overwhelming majority of men would like to support their beloved woman, would love to help, relieve their pain. But what about those who despise the whole of Egypt? Are they afraid of love, of blood, of sound, of the hospital, and afraid of seeing lovers suffer, but they cannot help?
In any case, it should not be forced, because it will give you a bad start, and in fact it can cause problems in the sexuality as well as the relationship. This is something your baby should understand, accept, and not let any mishap, frustration, or bad sensation develop. If a man really likes it, it is not a matter of whether or not you are taking part in it! And remember, there are other ones: you can ask great dudes among others, but you can also ask our mother, a good friend who was born to be with us. It will be much better for a young woman to feel when a support person is at her side at the big moment, not an anxious companion.

Will you be interested in me when you are with me during your birth?

If your dad decided he wanted to be inside, it was best to take him with his partner for a parenting course goes where we will explain first what will happen and what you can count on. They also hold lectures in the hometowns, and also guide couples at the birth, where they can see the nursery or the rooms in the hometown. During childbirth (and especially in the case of a goblet) it is best to have a woman's head, because blood, cancer, and sputum are not necessarily part of this - this is what the doctor and the nurse always call attention to.
Most importantly, the father do not go in consciously, don't let go of pressure! In the case of a vacillated partner, the woman has to consider (including her own desires) whether the man is fit for "midwifery" assistance. Just think if your sex life gets worse because of it, and you have sex, rumination: you may not only have sexual problems, but an avalanche can start, which can endanger your relationship. In such a scenario, it is worth asking for help from a specialist, because the situation is verbally insoluble to the right.
In most cases, however, childbirth is not so dramatic, it is much more of a holy miracle, and most of all, it is the mother's choice of partner to grow up in the eyes of men: rather the relationship is strengthened.
(Forrбs: Maternity Magazine)
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