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Zalan's seventh month

Zalan's seventh month

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In our series, you will learn about the development, change and birth of a real baby every day. This month Zaln got a sneak peek at his toe.

Series of baby development
Frenreis Zalбn
Birth weight: 6900 grams
By the end of the seventh month: 7,400 grams
Йdesanyja: Epres Judit Photo Model (34)
Йdesapja: Zoltán Frenreisz Lawyer, business (31)
Testvйrei: Benedek (9) and Бgoston (8)
Cheer for the right foot
Already at the time of the thighs, the doctor ruled that Zalan's right foot was too inward, like a croissant, perhaps due to a state of compassion. Now is the time to start wearing, day and night, the little sneaker that will direct the little foot in a good but determined direction. The orthopedic specialist said there should be an improvement in the leg before Zalan is up. Well, it looks like there's time for that. The little boy still doesn't sit up and put himself in a position of rest, but he is smart when he sees something interesting on the ground. In any case, if you are not able to repair your bridle by the age of one year, you will need surgery.
Teeth nowhere
We've been waiting about two months for that little tooth to come out, but there's still nothing. But Zalan is enthusiastic about everything, and little in his mouth. Restless sleep also continues, waking up three or four times each night. Judit says it is just like when a hist is forced directly.
Zalan is a very good meal, nowadays it is a daily dose of a natural, sugar-free cereal mixed with sugar. They've dealt with greenery, too, but it didn't really work out. Benedek, the big guy, as soon as he hears what he's talking about, says: "Zalan hates potatoes!
This month Judit took another day rotating job in Poland, the first longer absenteeism she had while in Zaln. Since she was breastfeeding, she tried to breastfeed Zalan, who did not accept this offer, rather than drinking milk from her mother's milk, luckily there is a lot in the bladder. Judit had to figure many times during the shoot because of the strong overcharging, but apart from that, they passed without problems on these two days. He had done smaller jobs before and could always get someone to take Zalan to suckle.
Cheap Apbard
When Dad comes home, Zalán immediately begins to fumble with joy, and without a word: dededede. Her glamorous eyes are captivated by her enthusiasm and touched by the way she speaks her little baby tongue. The boys are very attentive to the little ones. They come home from school after lunch and go to training twice a week, and they are out there in Zalán. Judit tries to make the big two everywhere, lest she get stuck in the back. Fortunately, there is no sign of this.