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Without any benefits, there is usually a night of croup attacks. The small child awakens, often crying, with a thirsty, breezy, coughing throat. How can we recognize the disease, where to go and what treatment we can count on?

The child is sick


On a varnished cataract, every child is multiplied by the time he or she grows up. However, at least one in fifteen of them, at least once during childhood, has a barking cough barking at the effect of infection. Frightening symptoms are triggered by upper respiratory distress: inflammation subsequently causes swelling or edema of the pharyngeal region of the pharynx. The groaning is difficult, and if the tapes are touched, we also get hoarse. The "barking" comes from the fact that the air has to penetrate a little. Autumn and winter are the most common, peak times being October and November, almost always occurring at night, more often than not in boys. Up to one to two days, four times as many symptoms occur, or not. In most cases, the temperature rises to a maximum of 38.5 degrees Celsius. The first twenty-forty-eight hrs are the most critical because after a temporary improvement, deterioration can occur. When a child is hospitalized, bacterial inoculation is routinely performed during routine examinations, but the bacterium only rarely develops. The viral origin of the disease is also confirmed by the CRP (C-reactive protein) assay. It is possible that the barking cough is caused by the inhalation of a foreign body, not a virus infection. If the pseudocroup starts in infancy, your doctor will also check to see if any anatomical abnormalities are causing the symptoms.

What should we pay attention to?

The pseudo-group generally does not prove to be a serious illness, and most cases, fortunately, require no intervention and medication, the little patient is reassured and the simple, cold inhalation the seizure is self-absorbed. However, sometimes the disease proves to be a serious course, but it is they are not yet known. In this case, we find that the spasmodic barking cough is not relieved after 10 to 15 minutes, the child's rapid breathing (35-40 for a normal 22-30 breaths per minute) and resentful. This can also be seen by the fact that the underside of the neck is pushed all the way from the vomit to the air. It may happen that the spine is so small that the child it begins to fade with oxygen. However, you should not wait for this status, as only a quick intervention can save your life. In the past, a cleft incision has been made to ensure free airway, and today, under anesthesia, the patient is intubated, that is, a small device is drained and ventilated through it. Of course, this is also complemented by the addition of anti-inflammatory drugs.


It improves the chances of a pseudocroup patient becoming cold, and at the time of a seizure, it takes cold, open air. It may help if you drink a small sip of cold water. Ensuring adequate fluid intake throughout the period of healing is important. Breastfeeding children, if the little one is willing to breastfeed, naturally breast milk is the coolest fluid, you should not force the cook. Dry, warm air intensifies cavity, so it is worthwhile to use cold steaming. spray sprays They are used to deliver fine water droplets and salty water and medications (anti-inflammatory and blistering) directly to the child's breath using a small mask. If this does not improve, the anti-inflammatory drug will be given into the vein, if it does not help, intubation will help to open the airways. Later this happens in the intensive care unit of the hospital, fortunately rarely. Most of the time, the drug delivered to the airways quickly improves the condition of the child. If your seizures are repeated, your doctor may prescribe a nebulizer for home use. There is also a steroid (anti-inflammatory) image that is used to cure a seizure. The disadvantage is that it is not possible to know exactly how much is pumped up, whether it is too much or very little. However, overdosage of steroids can have serious side effects. The drug delivered to the respiratory tract can be administered more accurately and works where it is needed without the need to load significant parts of the body with active ingredients. Medicines used in the pseudo-group alleviate the symptoms, the body itself cures the healing process. Because the disease is caused by viruses, there is no need for antibiotics. The suppression of fever is generally unnecessary as fever is a natural reaction that serves the function of healing. Rarely do you have a similar bacterial disease that causes symptoms, and naturally you may need antibiotics. Today, there are many laboratory tests available to assist the doctor in making a decision and making an accurate diagnosis.


There is also a trade that puts the pseudocroup into a relationship with allergies. In practice, however, there are no more allergic children among croupists than in the average grade. In addition, anti-allergy drugs are ineffective in croup. Some natural medicine guides can cause repetitive, alarming symptoms through food allergies and excessive protein intake. However, leaving cow's milk, eggs and meat does not usually solve the problem. Who is interested in diet cure details, Dr. Harold Markus For more information on natural asthma and the pseudocroup of childhood asthma, see the book. (Holistic Edition, 1994.) If you first have a croup seizure, it is better to bring the child to hospital immediately, as we are not experienced in the treatment of symptoms. If this does not happen for the first time, you can wait 10-15 minutes, or you may want to start treatment at home, and your symptoms may improve. However, the patient should not be left alone, and be aware of the condition, as relapse may occur within the first six days. During hospital treatment, the child is reassured if any parent stays with him.


In common parlance, we simply refer to "croupous seizures", though the exact name is a lump or pseudocroup, a medical name for laryngitis subglottica. If the symptoms are high fever and the inflammation extends to the stomach, the doctor talks about acute laryngotracheitis, but the symptoms are the same as for the first person. The krupp itself is from the English cropan, that is, a loud barking word. The term krupp was originally used to refer to a serious bacterial disease, the diphtheria syndrome, and the pseudo / alias served to differentiate it. Manapsбg krupp syndrome Let's list all the diseases for which the inhaled and the intermittent barking cough are characteristic.
Specialist: Dr. Gyorgy Pуder Assistant Professor of Pulmonology, Semmelweis University Number 1 Pediatric Clinic

First aid in case of croup attack

THE in the damp, damp autumn days with higher currencies pseudocupping cough may occur. Nine months to three months are the most common, more often in boys than in girls. The first seizure can be very scary for parents. Even in the sun it is completely asymptomatic, or at night you can see a little baby at night or early in the morning, barking, wheezing, breathlessness, wheezing. , when the hands begin to arrive, be immediately transported to the nearest hospital with children, or to St. Louis Hospital in Boulevard, or to a rescue. The pseudocroup is usually caused by a viral infection or an allergic reaction. Swelling of the vocal cords, the gums and the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract causes drowning. In smoky families, contaminated indoor air increases the risk of a seizure. In the event of a seizure, please keep calm. If you just don't have a hand or a smog, open the window, pick up the baby, wrap it in a blanket and set it over the open window, the fresh, cold air usually relaxing. A similar result is achieved if the little one is returned to the bathroom, by boiling hot water into the bath and breathing in the humid air. It is even more fortunate to suck in cold air from the open refrigerator. After the seizure has eased, give it a cold drink. The problem solves in most cases by itself, and you only have to count it once in a mental illness, most often in the first twenty or so hours. It's very important that you do let's not leave the kid alone for a secondbecause that's the only way to get the status crashing down.They may also be interested in: