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Pregnancy with Baby - Which Are You From?

As you wake up as a pregnant baby, you also list your baby's developmental stages. But what about you? We have compiled what kind of prebatts are waiting for the first baby.

At first it can be very difficult to be alone with the baby

First by two

How has it been so far? Did you give every morning your couple is still home with you, and you don't have to bear all the responsibilities of your New Year's Eve day alone? Or you waited a minute to finish you can stay home with the baby, man, mother, without relatives? The minute has come. You are two.

If you care about your worries, a little power is worth it! You can easily walk outside like Andi, who just collapsed when Korné went back to work after three weeks off. "I was crying every morning for weeks when he stepped out the door. I was afraid of going bankrupt in unexpected situations. I felt unfit for this assignment, and I was very sorry that my son Peti was so reluctant to enter in his first months with such a mad mother.

Finally, it helped me to get good fun with my friends, and with a little relief I set myself a daily rhythm, which I kept to a great deal. He supported Korn, too, but most of all I can thank Peti for a smile. As if he knew how much more slamatic I was. I think he knew it! "Andi's story was well over.
Hint: Take Andi's recipe now! It takes a little determination, a pinch of furniture, put all this with confidence and dedication! Of course, if your environment was worth it, the friends and Cornell helped Andi a lot. Good luck!

First on the street

In order not to miss the first baby walk, you should first sit down and think about the options. How good of an arm, say, can you lift the stroller up the stairs right now, won't your gothic lick? When is it best to go out on the street?
Did you realize when you wake up to the little one, or rather after eating, when you fall asleep anyway? You and your baby will soon love the date you choose. Is there anyone you can walk with? Sometimes it is good to have a little loneliness, but you are just a social person - especially for the first time you might want to move out in the company. What route would you take?
Infinitely noisy places are usually badly worn by infants, and weight is not really baby friendly medium. Many little ones prefer to wear baby wraps, close to your mom's body, to "walk" - it makes breastfeeding easier, and it also simplifies consolation if the baby breaks. However, the baby carriage mothers' children prefer to sleep in the car even after a walk on the terrace or in the garden.
Little Matyi, for example, developed this habit to the point that he was only able to fall asleep during the day in the stroller, except in the open air, on the move. So, if you fall, if you cry, your mom shuffled it up the hill, ending it - this unhealthy solution can occasionally cause some sleep in the cervix.
Hint: Make the first steps with Dad! He probably understands better how the planetary wheels work and does not panic if the stroller does not close the elevator door, and is even more comforted when it comes to letting go of the baby MG.

Again in love…

The first night of a child's love for childbirth is preceded by at least as many inquiries and uncertainties as ever. What will it be like for me to tell me if I don't want to? You may not be comforted, but, y'all, if you know these queries are stopping you in your pub. In the womb of the sixth week after childbirth, men are as frightened by the blanket as the baby has fallen asleep.
Of course, when the return comes with such force that it is incapable of waiting for those many weeks ... Most of the time, we still follow the suggested easygoing and are eagerly awaiting the new start. Fortunately, pay attention - slow, patient movements will relieve tension and anxiety. But you don't have to be in doubt even if not all of them are perfectly done in the evening.
Don't care too much about yourself or your trying! Adapting to a new life situation is a long and fatiguing process, especially at the beginning, when it is too difficult to sleep because of the baby. Just ask other pregnant mothers in your environment who have had the urge to freely pass between breastfeeding, and who has chosen to have a three-month fast sleep?
Give yourself time, if it is a start, knock on tempo! It is rare, but it may be does not go after sex in childbirth - a psychologist or sexologist can help.

First sick

When the little tummy does not breathe first during breastfeeding, the first thought is to say: I certainly did not take care of it! Unfortunately, even the most careful maternal care is not able to protect our children from all harm. The viruses come and go, a baby's strong immune system and you can fight them more and more effectively.
So if you have the disease in your neck, it is best to call your doctor instead. It happens that the whole thing was just blindfold and there was no particular problem. Don't be afraid, your doctor won't hurt you because you've been disturbed! After a few occasions you will become more experienced, and you will be able to slowly differentiate a genuine, doctor-issued disease from a home-cure disease. Nobody gives birth to a perfect mother!
If you listen to your lusts, you'll fall into mamas one at a time, and you'll be confident in the mud in emergencies.
Hint: There are countless home practices you can do to help your baby. Your most child-friendly friends must have learned this, and there are hardly any babies who haven't spent a fortnight sulking in the winter months, so feel free to call them.

First of all without children

No matter what your friends call you, even if your couple is having dinner, you say no? Even though the father of the baby was born with certainty at birth, sometimes it seems the ropes are indispensable. However, it is important that you do the first steps! If your baby is half full, you don't have to worry about getting too far. Grandparents can't wait to take care of their grandchild.
What are you waiting for? A couple of hours is not the world, if you are just sleeping small, you may not realize that you have jumped around a bit, but it doesn't matter if you wake up because you left it in good hands. For the whole family it is very important that don't just look at yourself as a mother. Whatever you say, if you are looking for a little vacation and relaxation without the little one, you are not a woman but a healthy woman!
Of course, you can't succeed at first. For example, at that time, on the evening of the cinema dinner, we rushed home after dinner to the cinema, because we both felt that the light of our eyes was trembling. Needless to say, your sweet-sleeping grandmother is on the move…
Hint: Believe that you are home bound while you are breastfeeding. During the first few weeks of alignment, you may not want to go out for longer trips, but sooner, when you know most of the time, when you want to eat, you can twist it a bit. When a toddler is eating mouthful and lavishly, believe me, who you will be when you go to a theater or cinema. Grandma doesn't ask for anything.
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