Dangerous baby? Hrllapi duck!

Dangerous baby? Hrllapi duck!

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The message seems to be spreading on the community pages. Luckily, we are fortunately facing a duck. But this is not always so!

PARENTS ATTENTION! NESTLЙ REQUESTS EVERYONE TO RETURN ALL BUDGET BABY BABIES IN 2012, BECAUSE THIS IS A BUTTERFLY! PRODUCT LINE CODE: 7613033089 73. PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND SHARE YOUR BABY SAFETY! EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT BIRTH, PLEASE, HELP AND POST, YOU CAN HELP SAVE A CHILD!We believe that if Nestlé would ask everyone to do this, it would not spread it on community sites, but would also raise consumer awareness of the danger through its own website and on the Internet. We followed up and found the original story. We're close to the "Moscow Volunteers are being handed out ..." type of situation, but there's something right about it. It turned out that "P'tit Pot Recette Banana" was marketed in France, the local Nestlé recalled item L 10980295 because it did not meet the requirements: the cap was broken. Nestlé points out that the problem is confined to France, and only to the particular item. In Hungary, you can only touch - if any - a person who has bought this in France. So let's just think that what's in the glass is 100 percent safe for what we do for the baby!