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Yearly information about baby doll credit circulates

According to Hungarian news, the European Commission has called the so-called baby-baby support, and the organization has not yet established an official position on the construction.

The Hungarian nyelvы hangsъlyoztбk kommьnikйben that Eurуpai Bizottsбg not kifogбsolja, sхt ьdvцzli cйljait the loan program, ie csalбdok tбmogatбsбt.Kiemeltйk: Hungarian kormбny kezdemйnyezett elхzetes egyeztetйst planned tбmogatбsokrуl which sorбn the bizottsбg szakйrtхi kikьszцbцlni trying to babavбrу nyъjtу loans to banks - so it is not the individuals who are recruiting - there are less concerns about the European Uniform Rules on State Aid. Yearly information about baby doll credit circulates Preliminary discussions may continue, and the European Commission will continue to prepare consultations, which will serve precisely to avoid any further formal examination or constructive legality.
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