Baby Food = Inflammation?

Baby Food = Inflammation?

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You believe that infertility is a regular occurrence of infertility. It is indeed more common, but only the tendency increases. Because of the hormonal effects, not only our feet, hands and face swell during pregnancy, but also ours.

Dental care is even more important during pregnancy

In those cases, the purer throat is deeper, like that requires more time and attention thorough cleaning. Ignoring this can lead to tooth disease.This is an inflammatory disease of the tissues that hold the teeth (tendons, ribbons, bones of the tooth) that also have a genetic predisposition. Initially, it is only when brushing teeth that the swollen, red, delicate skin is bleeding spontaneously. Breathing is bad, trachea rises, advanced bone is destroyed, so the teeth become movable, purulent action begins on the vertebrae. If this is the case, surgery or medication may be needed.

What can we do for prevention and cure?

- The most important thing is the thorough and correct brushing of the meals!
- Tongue cleaning is part of the oral care as well!
- Do not miss the weight-bearing mass! If you bleed, don't be scared, wash it thoroughly!
- Ask your dentist for proper use of dental floss!
- Remove toothpicks regularly, semi-annually. Pregnant women should see a dentist every three months. Not only is it important to include the dentist's stamp in the booklet, it is advisable to seek treatment with a dentist!
- Use the mouthpiece! Fluoride rinse aids are sufficient for oral care in general, and in severe cases, your dentist will advise you on other things. It is important to know that the condition of your teeth affects your body as a whole. According to the latest knowledge, tooth disease, as a persistent inflammatory disease in the body, risk of premature birth also increases it by ten percent.