You are the ideal pregnant mother!

You are the ideal pregnant mother!

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Have you ever changed your show so far? Applicants are unable to accept their bodies, are unsure what clothing to wear, and their biggest problem is not being able to survive females. Selected ladies are rushed to the aid of professionals, and within a couple of weeks their confidence returns. Well, I'm obligated to introduce this program to pregnant women.

There are women who have never had a problem with their shape or self-confidence. This is very welcome (I will classify them in the ufu category), but for now, this article is not going to add you. I get tired of growing tiredness, and many times in my lifetime I have had mental problems around the belly of my belly. I covered it, tried to shape it, but it somehow never became like I had imagined an "ideal belly". Of course, most of my friends didn't have ideal thighs, buttocks, or upper arms, but as the years went by, we became accustomed to being incapacitated and accepted ourselves.

Then the pregnancy came

Naturally, there was an ideal baby image that I wanted to resemble. Of course, the X Generation Member, the regular media consumer, was also a concrete idea of ​​the quest. The ideal mother conceived by me is a mere 8 to 10 kilos, regularly exercising, working out again, and, of course, spending on super-trend. I tried to follow this idea at the beginning of my pregnancy. I paid attention to what was in store for me, went to fall and tried to get fashionable maternity clothes. But in vain, I soon admitted that I had cut my ax too big. In spite of regular and healthy meals, I gained 8 kilos in the first six months, and I didn't feel like going after the noise, and I made mummy stuff specifically for women. My self-confidence was not that of a real woman or a real little mother. In spite of my dear and shameless words, I went for a grief-ridden offer. By myself, of course, I saw all of the shapely little ones who, in their latest fashion tunic, were twisting their yoga mats into their trendy sports bag, and then they started eating dress-up at a nearby fitness bar.

You are the ideal pregnant mother!

I had to realize that I would never be like the ideal mom in my head.

Although this was not a conscious decision, I think that was the point from which it was much easier for me to accept the physical changes involved in my pregnancy. I did not want to resemble anyone anymore, but I molded myself into the previous pattern. I didn't go to the balance daily, I didn't worry about my weight gain, I went to bed and my baby gymnastics when I was really moving, and I didn't spend thousands for a season, barely a year. And look wonderful, I was feeling more and more in my skin! As my confidence grew, so did the positive feedback from my surroundings.

You know, in the big change shows, the outer shift is always the softest.

The new makeup, hair, and dress conjures up a whole new woman from the main cast of the show. However, we, as survivors, cannot see how long this transformation is. I'm sure that if there was no change in the minds of the show, the new ones in vain, the new clothes fail, they won't be happier. I know from experience that the great change, the surrender of our living ideals, and the acceptance of the true self is no easy task. Even if you are expecting a baby, even if you are not yet deceived. To be an ideal mother, a wife, a life partner, and a woman, we don't have to do anything but listen to the inner voice and do what's good for us. We need to open our eyes to see that the baby we are developing is the ideal mother, the ideal wife for our husband, and the ideal woman for ourselves. Because the ideal one really lives in us, we just have to find it.