This is how you can prevent the burn

This is how you can prevent the burn

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It is mainly women who make life sick with bladder disease, or by other name, colds. Many are unaware that the right clothing is not enough, as it is usually not the cold but the bacterial infection in the background of the disease.

This is how you can prevent the burnWith the help of urologist experts, we can now prevent one of the most common health problems and get advice on how to deal with the symptoms that have already developed. "Typically, bladder disease caused by the bacterium E. coli is not only a victim of cold weather, but inadequate clothing can also help to prevent this. After using the swimming pool and sauna, we should replace our wet, wet underwear as soon as possible. " - says Dr. Zurber Tambs, a urology specialist at the Czeizel Institute.The best and simplest way to clean the kidneys and urinary tract is the generous fluid purification. 2 to 2.5 liters of water a day in zimanku is essential for a healthy body. In addition, we regularly consume foods containing pro- prebiotics - natural yoghurt, cheese, onions, diet - and fill our stores with vitamin C. Not only erхsнtik the immune system, but the meggбtoljбk baktйriumok elszaporodбsбt is.A tхzegбfonya the hуlyaghurut tцkйletes also йs megelхzйsйre kezelйsйre vбlasztбs: akбr uncooked akбr йtrendkiegйszнtх formбjбban consumed, the gyьmцlcsben talбlhatу antioxidбnsok megakadбlyozzбk to settle the kуrokozуk hъgyhуlyag falбn. However Уvakodjunk the hьvelyflуrбt gyengнtх kйszнtmйnyek (tusfьrdхk, illatosнtott intimate mosakodуk) hasznбlatбtуl, as supplied to the tъlzбsba intimhigiйnia tцbbet бrt than hasznбl.A kцvetkezх tьnetek йszlelйse esetйn valуszнnыleg megtцrtйnt trouble: common vizeletьrнtйs or stimulus csнpхs, odorous, sцtйtebb szнnы urine, pain in the pelvis and in the abdomen. "Initially, we can try to alleviate complaints with home practices. For example, yarrow, peat, red or blueberry and bear juice tea.Related articles in this article:
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