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Am I sorry in my life?

Am I sorry in my life?

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You were awake, completely awake, but you couldn't move any of your cartridges for a couple of minutes? Not a bit! Yeah ... it was really bad.

What happens if no muscles move at waking?

I never told anyone about it until one of my sons told it. Only afterwards did he see what you were up to. This is it sleep deprivation or alvбsparalнzis. "Imagine: you wake up in the middle of the night and inexplicable you are incapable of moving. Didn't you just understand what it meant: would your nervous system be damaged? Has your body been attacked by some serious illness? Even in those moments, you're not sure you'll ever be able to move at all. Feel what's worse than being a kind of horrific, frightening girl in the room, who has lost her mind - you know, you just lie like a piece of wood. " Zsolt Kulcsбr and Lajos Szentesi Sleep paralysis at work. Neither could I give a better description based on my own position. The most frightening thing of all is that it runs over one's head insanely: how will it always be? Then the terrible crime ends. Even though you have made an incredible effort so far to be able to father or even open your eyes, now you can do it without any problems. But your heart beats in your throat.

Somebody's on my chest!

Many people feel like they are lying helpless, somebody else in the room who is sitting on her breasts or getting heavy. Many ufstory and other scary stories are based on these conditions. The explanation is simple: since you cannot voluntarily move any muscle, the auxiliary muscles (quadriceps) needed for deeper breathing do not move. If you want to take a big breath, you feel like someone is blocking you, it pushes back your chest: someone is sitting on your breast.

Error in REM phase

The two phases of sleep are distinguished. One of them has no eye movement, this is NREM sleep. In the second phase of the mind, our eyes move quickly, our dreams but our muscles are blocked by the movement of our brains. This is the REM phase. In the moments of sleep paralysis, there is a simple mistake: the immobility characteristic of the REM phase begins or takes just a few minutes / seconds to resume normal or awake.

Not sick!

The thing is scary. You may still feel that there is a serious mental problem in the background. There are those who dare not speak to anyone, some who simply do not want to, because they wouldn't believe it. He also thinks he had a bad mood, even though he feels that something is wrong: he rarely felt so awake because he wanted to move at full strength, but he didn't succeed. Unfortunately, some professionals wouldn't know where to put it, either they are treating a condition, medicine, or other therapies. There is indeed a condition that has the common symptom of frequent sleep paralysis, but in itself some of these conditions are not a disease.

Pregnant women are more common!

Sleep can get out of hand when you are very upset, when you have a lot of stress, when you have extreme physical stress. It usually appears first at a hot age, thirty and more rare. More than the average, they die during the term. It occurs almost exclusively on beds lying on the back. Whether young children are involved, I have not found any information, but if they do, it can be even more frightening for them. Of course, reducing stress can help. What helps prevent the closest case from being scared with fear? Well, you've read this article. At least you know what's going on with you, and it's just a matter of minutes.They may also be interested in:
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