Infant and adolescent disease

Infant and adolescent disease

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Generally, the family is very alarmed if the baby's skin develops, but the condition is not as severe as it sometimes seems.

Reasons for going out

Recognizing the projections on the child's body is not an uncommon practice, and the treatment is not as simple as knowing the cause of the appropriate therapy and considering many factors. Recognizing the underlying causes is sometimes very simple (mosquito bites), but sometimes requires a serious medical background (determination of factors causing allergies, diagnosis of acute infectious disease).


The diaper hanging occurring in infancy red, inflamed a change in babapopsin caused by the effects of stool and urine. Sick skin can then colonize bacteria, fungi, and viruses, further infecting the baby's skin. He handled it carefully needs to be cleaned small skin after every urine or throat swelling, as soon as possible, lubricate the butt with a protective cream, and give the baby a clean diaper.In the case of severely If, on the contrary, the symptoms do not diminish for an extended period of time, it may also indicate that the tiny diaper is sensitive, so you should try another type of diaper.

Generally not a serious problem if your baby's skin shows up

Allergic Skin Loss (Cheating)

Effect of foreign bodies antibody is produced in our body. If you get the same or similar foreign substance in the body (allergenic), and react with the antibody produced and retained in the previous meeting and sensitization, you will be allergic. Fraud is an allergic reaction that leaks out on the walls of small blood vessels in the skin, causing changes in the level of the skin that are caused by a red yard. Detergents, toiletries, food, metals, sunscreens and many other things can cause this type of outburst the child is sensitive.If the allergenic material is only in contact with the body surface, only large areas of contact may develop, or even major changes. This is called contact dermatitissuch as metal allergies, but detergents also fall into this category. It can be treated with topical steroidal anti-inflammatory or antihistamine ointments and creams. If the reaction occurs throughout the body, for example, when using a cleanser, treatment with antihistamine drugs should be initiated and should be initiated by the attending physician. appear throughout the body, The organization refers бltalбnos allergiбs reakciуjбra, such a thing may cause the pйldбul tбplбlйkallergia, bбr this tнpusъ tъlйrzйkenysйgnek the tьnetei be rendkнvьl vбltozatosak the gastrointestinal bйlrendszeri tьnetektхl бt the csalбnkiьtйsen the asztmбig.Allergia esetйn elsхdleges the kivбltу allergйn azonosнtбsa, and if it sikerьlt important avoidance of this substance, thus preventing allergic skin inflammation and other possible symptoms.


If you come with your child in nature, it is worth examining your little body for insect bites when you return home. In some cases, the droplet is also noticeable by the small (mosquito-borne itch, and by the dripping head), in other cases, it is not so clear (ticks become invisible to the skin). , then itchy, fraud-like skin changes all over the body. Rarely can the process be touched and the child breathe hard and then the airways become blocked. Then you need to call an ambulance and drink some calcium for a while. Children who are allergic to lice should always take the medicine and give it to them in the event of a drip. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't matter if your head breaks. If a cadaveric skin appears between 3 and 30 days after the drop, consult a doctor immediately as this is a clear sign of Lyme disease. Vaccination against Lyme disease does not appear, the infected child antibiotic will receive a handler.

Infectious diseases

A lot of childhood infectious disease go out. The diagnosis and treatment of these diseases is the task of the physician. In the case of bacterial infections, the child is treated with antibiotics, such as scarlet fever and Lyme disease. However, in case of virus infection only recommends symptomatic therapy the pediatrician only needs to use an antiviral in severe cases. These include the most common childhood illnesses, such as varicella, varicella, herpes, and herpes, which can cause virtually all small children, , and then easy tasks to avoid, or to avoid known causes. Related articles in this article:
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